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Sizing of these Gloves

This is a really interesting sizing situation too, as Cleto Reyes lists the sizes as Junior, Regular and Large.

Answers about sizing to follow........  
by: Dan B.
6/25/2010 3:07:00 PM
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So here goes...and someone correct me if I'm wrong or if you have more to add, but I got this from a reliable source.

These gloves disperse a lot of weight at the long cuffed wrist and width of glove, so therefore the weight of the glove does go up when the size goes up.

Junior is 12 oz, Regular 14oz, and Large 16 oz.

Now I heard the large is a "light 16 ozs" because of the weight dispersement.

They size by person's total individual weight (weight class) not by hand circumference,

Junior: I do not know, but guess is 100-125 pounds
Regular: up to 170 pounds
Large: 178-215 pounds

So like the Grants, you may hit a grey area around 175 pounds (Grants grey area is 165 pounds). A lot of guys weight 170-180 pounds.

Anyway I guess you get the Large if you weigh 180 pounds and you feel you have more than average width to your hands, wrap up with 180" wraps or gel wraps, and hopefully it is a snug fit.

If your hands are really thin, and you are between 170 and 175 pounds, you probably go for the regular size, and if there not uncomfortablly snug, then break them in.
by: Dan B.   
6/25/2010 3:16:02 PM
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