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Super Vinyl Sweat Suit
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i'm really big...and i need a big one is the use of this suit if you produce only small reccomendation:start producing xxxl and you will profit soon...
p.s.i gained weight during my pregnancy...before that i exercised 5-6 times per week for one hour...wearing one of sauna suit products..and i lost 25kg in 5 months without any my problem is that i can't find a suit of my size...and my workout machine is collecting dust because for couple of months of searching i still didn't find a suit that will fit is it possible????i thought this suit is made for really fat people-for loosing weight...not for slim ones...but whatever...i will check this again just to see THE NEWS...if there will be a bigger size suit soon...
by: mum
10/5/2010 1:41:44 PM
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Good news mum, we actually have xxl here: ae-ss-08. The flexibility of that suit will likely accommodate your needs, and if it doesn't we would be happy to provide a refund.

The sizes you see available are the statistically most used sizes as many individuals use sauna suits to cut weight before a fight or to trim down. Bulk weight loss is not always the goal as sauna suits reduce mostly water weight. Nevertheless it is our goal to help every customer, so if any larger sizes do arrive on our doorstep I will be sure to get them live on the website.
by: TMArtist     
10/6/2010 11:13:15 AM
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