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Customer Review of the Training Gloves
Training Gloves
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4.5 stars
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Decent gloves, but would get something else next time

I use these gloves for rec/amateur boxing class I take 3x a week. There's minimal contact for the class I take - mostly light sparring and bag work.

Foam and leather are good quality
Fit is good

My main gripe is the elastic cuff for these gloves. The elastic cuff makes it nearly impossible to put the gloves on yourself. I expected a simple velcro strap like other gloves I've used. Unfortunately, these gloves use a velcro strap which is hidden under an elastic cuff. If you want to custom fight the strap around your wrist, you'll have to do it before putting the glove on and then jamming your hand into the glove or get someone to adjust the strap for you. Very annoying if you tend to take the gloves on and off frequently.

The nylon material inside the glove seems very thin, so it's easy to tear with your fingers especially when doing lots of bag work. Plus the nylon is not breathable, so expect your hands to get really sweaty in a sort time.  
by: john
5/9/2011 3:57:32 PM
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