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Customer Review of the Ultimate Sauna Suit
Ultimate Sauna Suit
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Rip just like the plastic ones

I bought this from there website and it came to me sewn incorrectly to where the leg was twisted inside the pants and I couldn't get me leg through. I tried to send it back and tell them what happened and they sent it back saying they don't accept returns.

So I decided to give it a shot, having to cut the plastic in the leg to get my leg through. After one workout it ripped in the armpit.
They are no different from all the other cheap plastics out there.

Spend the money and get one made of neoprene like the Kutting Weight brand.  
by: Zman
8/20/2010 7:18:11 PM
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Realsauna sauna suit is the best and most durable quality sauna suit money can buy. I say this because I own 2 in both hooded and crew neck style. After reading the above comment by "Zman". I found that this so-called Zman is actually Mr. Dustin Zahursky the owner of the Kutting Weight sauna suit and obviously he is extremely jealous of the Realsauna Sauna Suit because it is a much higher quality suit and it is known world wide as the BEST PROFESSIONAL SAUNA SUIT AVAILABLE! The truth is that The Realsauna Sauna Suit is a great product and I have actually tried both products, and must say that although the Kutting Weight Suit is well made, it CAN NOT COMPARE TO THE REALSAUNA SUIT! The Kutting Weight Suit feels like a scuba diving suit and smells like rubber and tends to be very uncomfortable especially when worn in the sun. I say, try the REALSAUANA SUIT FOR YOURSELF AND BE THE JUDGE.
by: Christie Vannettte   
5/6/2011 1:28:11 PM
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hahaha that's sooo funny now it makes me wanna get a realsauna suit hahaha
by: mannypacquiao   
8/29/2011 1:06:04 PM
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