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Customer Review of the Ultra Protection Bag Gloves
Ultra Protection Bag Gloves
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4.5 stars
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Right out of the zipper case they come in, you can tell they are well made. It takes some practice to strap these gloves down by yourself one glove at a time. The lining is pretty soft and comfortable. I would give these gloves a perfect score, but there are some off stitches here and there and one glove has a little more padding than the other, but it doesn't seem to affect performance.

but lets talk about the real great parts of the glove. Hands down, the best impact absorption I've ever used. I hit the bag with full power and little don't feel anything beyond knowing that I made contact. Squeezing the padding down, it's very hard to penetrate because it's so thick.I only use a pair mexican style handwraps, and that's all I need.

Craftsmanship: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10
Protection 10/10

Overall a great glove, great for your hands and wrists.  
by: tim
10/12/2012 3:53:16 PM
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