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Customer Review of the Weighted Jump Rope
Weighted Jump Rope
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In Love with a Rope? Yes I am

After using the non-weight version of this rope for 20 years, I decided to mix it up and see what else was out there and ordered this weighted Everlast and the deluxe Everlast speed rope, the black one with the ball bearings.

All I can say is I absolutely love this rope. I bought the 9.5' rope which is perfect for my 6'-0" height. The feel of the handles in my hands is what really floats my boat. Much more substantial than the non-weighted. The weight and balance just feels so natural, so right, like the rope is an extension of my hands.

This rope doesn't have the speed capability of the black speed rope but it still gives a great workout and feels like butter. I'm not sure how much the weighted handles help your workout but I does take more effort to use and hold on to. I've noticed that on days where I weight train my arms and upper body, this rope seems to take a lot of effort to hold on to. So now I just use the unweighted rope for weight training days and this heavy one on boxing days.

I love it and can't recommend it enough. It feels like driving a Cadillac DeVille. Awesome luxurious feel with rich Corinthian leather.  
by: marsalone
4/26/2012 8:16:40 AM
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