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EVA Sauna Suit

EVA Sauna Suit

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Greatness is Within

    This sauna suit is made from comfortable EVA nylon, rather than itchy and abrasive vinyl. The EVA sauna suit works by trapping in your body heat making you shed more water weight and burn more calories while you exercise.

  • Made of EVA nylon
  • More effective than traditional vinyl suits
  • Two piece design with elastic waist and cuffs

  • sku: #ae-ss-04

    what to wear

    hard question but What do you wear under the suit
    by: Earnest   
    1/6/2014 11:57:47 PM
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    Hi Earnest. Generally you would wear normal gym clothing underneath like a T-shirt and shorts. A better choice than cotton, which can get sweaty and heavy, are 'action' oriented shirts like underarmour, etc.
    by: TMArtist     
    1/8/2014 5:52:08 PM
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    may i please ask why is this suit markes 24.95 here when in another site the exact same is for 19.95  
    by: Ola   
    9/8/2010 2:13:15 AM
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    We try to acquire our merchandise for the lowest price possible, but also offer exceptional deals on shipping. With 2.95 shipping you might find we are the cheapest after all.
    by: TMArtist     
    9/8/2010 1:08:45 PM
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    just how big are these things

    how big is the xxl size cause im a big boy and was looking at using this to jump start my weight loss program  
    by: festor   
    6/1/2010 10:50:42 AM
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    The 2xl could probably accommodate up to a 52 inch waist.
    by: TMArtist     
    6/1/2010 7:07:35 PM
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    For anyone who is really active or who has had a bad experience with this type of suit I'd like to recommend an alternative - The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit, found here -

    You have to pay a little more, but you get great quality.  
    by: TMArtist      
    1/19/2010 6:05:27 PM
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    Those extra pounds

    No doubt the critics are right, but only up to a point. Granted the neckline was too tight for me, so I cut the elastic. That said folks are overlooking the point of any athlete needing to make weight. True, appropriate diet and workout regime help in this regard shrinking fat cells, loosing water through regulated sweating via the sauna suit helps to remove those extra hard too loose pounds. Make weight, then rehydrate. Incidently, making weight is the responsibility of the athlete. Period.
    by: popstentor   
    1/13/2010 6:33:39 PM
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    you just lose water weight

    Sauna suits are just good for making you lose water weight. It's not like you put these on and start dropping pounds and pounds. You will gain water weight back. these suits are no substitute for diet and exercise and they aren't a magic bullet for weight loss.   
    by: RINGKING   
    12/28/2009 3:49:30 PM
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    Buyer beware!

    I am a 44 year old former high school and collegiate wrestler. I purchased 2 of these sauna suits from Dick's Sporting Goods. My intent was to take off a few unwanted pounds. My workouts consisted of 3 miles of running each day, weight lifting (no squats,no deadlifts), and sit ups. Don't get me wrong. The suits are as advertised--you will sweat off the pounds. What you won't do is sweat off the pounds for very long because after 2-3 weeks the arm seams and crotch seams will split--guaranteed. This is not unique for this particular product because two other brands did the same thing. If your intent is to lose your weight quickly i.e. 1-2 weeks, then this product might hold up. Otherwise save your money. These suits are fragile, trust me. Anyone who suggests otherwise is sleeping in them not exercising.  
    by: Ken Farber
    5/24/2008 5:15:33 PM
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    Only problem I had is the suit rips to easy.  
    by: Amil
    2/27/2008 9:11:30 AM
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    The seams in the upper thigh and crotch tore as I was pulling the pants on for the first time. Would not recommend for anybody!!!  
    by: Kianu
    2/8/2007 1:29:26 PM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Sauna Suit Expert FAQs
    1. Can a sauna suit actually help me lose weight?

      A sauna suit helps individuals lose weight, but it is important what kind of weight you are losing. The goal of the sauna suit is to trap the body's heat and induce an increased amount of sweating. As such, you will lose water weight at a more rapid rate. This is very useful for boxers who are trying to make weight before a match and need to drop a few lbs quickly regardless of where it comes from.
      For people who are looking to shed actual fat the sauna suit will not help in that endeavor.

    3. Nylon/Vinyl vs Neoprene

      Nylon and vinyl are the two most tradition materials that are used in the making of sauna suits. These generally have a plastic feel to them and can be worn over top clothing. These suits generally feature crimped wrists and ankles to prevent heat from escaping. The benefit of these kinds of suits are the general inexpensive and disposable nature they possess.
      Newer are the neoprene suits which are changing the way people use sauna technology. Neoprene hugs the body, thus reducing chances of tearing, and has the added benefit of fitting underneath regular street clothes. Although not quite as encompassing as the full body nylon suits, neoprene has been praised for it's comfort and reliability.

    5. Do I burn more calories when in a sauna suit?

      There is no particular evidence to suggest that you burn more calories with a sauna suit on. Calories are not directly related to sweat, and since the sauna suit functions by increasing your sweat, the calorie burn is not actually effected.

    7. How do I clean my sauna suit?

      First, check the label or instructions to see if it is machine washable. Some are made to withstand the machine while others are not. If it is not machine washable, simply fill your sink with warm water and a small amount of detergent. After washing, hang out to dry.

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