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Sauna Suit

Sauna Suit

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Greatness is Within
    This PVC sauna suit is designed to help you shed excess water weight while you work out so that you can get more out of exercising. The suit also helps to keep muscles warm when they are active to help prevent cramps and pulls.

  • Excellent for aerobic conditioning
  • Two-piece outfit with elastic waist, cuffs & ankles
  • Full-cut for a comfortable active fit
  • Made of heavy-duty PVC fabric

  • sku: #ae-ss-08


    What size should i get for a 37" waist
    And do the pants have a draw string  
    by: gmeyers09   
    2/11/2012 1:13:58 AM
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    Go with the medium/large. The elasticity of the waist will be able to accommodate you.
    by: TMArtist     
    2/13/2012 11:33:43 AM
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    Sauna suit

    My weight is over 290 pounds, will the suit fit me?  
    by: rodney   
    6/18/2010 2:36:23 PM
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    The 2xl can accommodate a man of about 48" waist and 52" chest. If you are within these dimensions you should be fine.
    by: TMArtist     
    6/21/2010 5:40:45 PM
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    can i order a 4x for man  
    by: michelle   
    6/10/2010 12:38:21 AM
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    Sorry Michelle we only have 2xl in stock at the moment.
    by: TMArtist     
    6/10/2010 2:53:11 PM
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    i've read 100's of reviews of these suits,and well.the neck is a little tight,and like me if you've been choked out by someone a few times.pressure of any kind around the neck is uncomfortable.other than that you sweat and isn't that what you want?as far as the healthful pro's and may not be a permenate fat lose method.but it feels good to sweat a little(lot) extra!  
    by: princeofthesouth   
    5/9/2010 1:25:10 PM
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    Can I lose body fat by wearing this suit?  
    by: hitiya   
    3/31/2010 7:17:27 AM
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    Hi hitiya. I think the discussion on this page will help you -
    by: TMArtist     
    4/1/2010 12:01:10 AM
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    i wana know if the siute will help me loose weight honestly im bout 300lb
    by: 300lb   
    3/12/2010 5:34:15 PM
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    Hey 300 - These sauna suits are very effective at helping you lose water weight. That's very useful for dropping a quick pound or two here and there in a hurry - which is great for boxers who are trying to cut weight before a weigh in or a person getting ready for bathing suit season.

    If you are trying to lose serious weight, including fat/calories/etc/etc then this will not really help. In fact, some people find that they cannot workout for quite as long when wearing this because it dehydrates you quicker (as per its design).

    If you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, I would recommend investing in other equipment like jump ropes, weights, boxing equipment, etc.
    by: TMArtist     
    3/15/2010 4:49:35 PM
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    his sauna suit in use

    But I think he's working the top backwards.  
    by: box78   
    3/7/2010 11:49:47 AM
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    Effective Suit

    This suit brings everything you would expect from a traditional sauna suit. You can use it to effectively cut water weight, although it shouldn't be relied upon solely for real weight loss. For anyone that has problems with these kinds of suits ripping, I recommend you check out ae-ss-40, which is the kutting weight suit.  
    by: TMArtist      
    1/19/2010 6:12:27 PM
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    reply to John

    To lose weight, your body needs to burn more food (calories) than you eat. And, when your body has no immediate food/source of energy to burn, it will start burning stored fat. Sauna suits help you lose weight by burning more fuel, not only by helping you sweat out lots of water. Sweating lots of water does help though, as it helps your body rid itself of toxins. Plus, the water you lose will be regained when you drink more water. However, the food and fat that were used to create the sweat will not go back into your body, so youll lose weight!  
    by: anonymous
    3/2/2008 11:16:46 PM
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    PVC Sauna Suit

    Dumbass. You use it to drop weight for a short time to make a waight class. It does NOT help you lose bodyfat.  
    by: John
    2/28/2008 8:54:52 PM
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    Weigh ins

    I use my sauna suit so much, when I go to the gym they call me the buff tin man. I cant work out without it. Remember, you will also have to hydrate your body more than normal. The suit is taking toxins out of your body. You will need to replace the toxins. I love this suit. I also wear it while I am sparing and it makes me really hot.  
    by: Sherman
    1/15/2008 12:04:23 PM
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    sauna suit

    They rip up to easy.  
    by: anonymous
    6/26/2007 3:26:29 PM
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    Love it

    I love this suit. You really do suit a lot in it. I know it does water weight, but having this suit while I am dieting and exercising has helped me shed 10 pounds.   
    by: anonymous
    6/19/2007 10:35:44 PM
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    Great investment for the price!

    I love the sauna suit. You will lose the water during a workout. My only suggestion is to out a size from what you would normally wear. I have had the suit for two months and used it daily without any problem. It really is a great investment.  
    by: anonymous
    2/9/2007 10:57:18 AM
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    great product

    I love this sauna suit because , I lost almost like 20 pounds in 3 months,  
    by: anonymous
    12/16/2006 9:42:22 PM
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    I'm Melting!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!! I had this suit for almost a year and I use it daily. We've bought 3 more for other memebers in the house and would recommend this suit.  
    by: anonymous
    9/7/2006 12:15:52 AM
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    No complaints

    I just worked out in it and I have no complaints as of yet. It definitely did it's job, after a 30 min workout on an exercise bike I lost the equivalent of 2 cups of water in sweat and excess water. My patio was covered with drops of sweat, it looked like it had rained. As I intensify my workouts I'm hoping it does not tear cause I do a lot of cardio. I suggest you buy a size slightly bigger than you actually are to prevent tearing.  
    by: Deon
    8/26/2006 1:44:06 PM
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    PVC Sauna Suit

    that will be my advice, I brought the suit and the trousers ripped the first time I wore it. A waste of money, poor quality.  
    by: Souad
    6/6/2006 11:21:49 AM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Sauna Suit Expert FAQs
    1. Can a sauna suit actually help me lose weight?

      A sauna suit helps individuals lose weight, but it is important what kind of weight you are losing. The goal of the sauna suit is to trap the body's heat and induce an increased amount of sweating. As such, you will lose water weight at a more rapid rate. This is very useful for boxers who are trying to make weight before a match and need to drop a few lbs quickly regardless of where it comes from.
      For people who are looking to shed actual fat the sauna suit will not help in that endeavor.

    3. Nylon/Vinyl vs Neoprene

      Nylon and vinyl are the two most tradition materials that are used in the making of sauna suits. These generally have a plastic feel to them and can be worn over top clothing. These suits generally feature crimped wrists and ankles to prevent heat from escaping. The benefit of these kinds of suits are the general inexpensive and disposable nature they possess.
      Newer are the neoprene suits which are changing the way people use sauna technology. Neoprene hugs the body, thus reducing chances of tearing, and has the added benefit of fitting underneath regular street clothes. Although not quite as encompassing as the full body nylon suits, neoprene has been praised for it's comfort and reliability.

    5. Do I burn more calories when in a sauna suit?

      There is no particular evidence to suggest that you burn more calories with a sauna suit on. Calories are not directly related to sweat, and since the sauna suit functions by increasing your sweat, the calorie burn is not actually effected.

    7. How do I clean my sauna suit?

      First, check the label or instructions to see if it is machine washable. Some are made to withstand the machine while others are not. If it is not machine washable, simply fill your sink with warm water and a small amount of detergent. After washing, hang out to dry.

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