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Rival Digital Timer

Rival Digital Timer

This item is not currently available for purchase.
    Large 2" digital countdown timer is ideal for all boxing, grappling, MMA and timed training workouts. Round time is easily adjustable up to 9 minutes in 10 second segments. Rest time is adjustable from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. Timer has small flashing LED lights to indicate Round, Rest and 30-seconds remaining and a unique gong sound to start and end each Round. Complete with a volume switch for any size workout area or gym.<br /><br /> <b>Size: 8" x 3" x 8"</b><br />

    sku: #bx-ac-2004

    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Ring Timers Expert FAQs
    1. What kind of timer do I need?

      When deciding on a timer, first consider if you'll have a trainer around to help. If you have a coach or other partners that can help time out your rounds, then you could purchase a small and inexpensive stopwatch style timer. These stopwatches are effective and easy to program. As long as you can keep it nearby, the small chimes built into them should be enough to let you know when the round is over. However, it's good to have someone keeping an eye on the clock to help you manage your sparring.
      If you need something more official to help you time out rounds, consider getting a pyramid or stand-alone timer. These often come with louder bells and even lights that go off when a round is over. These are great because you can program them and no one needs to monitor them .
      The final and most extensive variety of timer is the professional Ringside Time Keeper. This can be used in large gyms and even official facilities that host boxing events. These are fully programmable for bouts and provide everything you need to run real matches.

    3. How long is a round in boxing?

      Pro boxing rounds for men are 3 minutes long with 1 minutes intervals in between. Olympic boxing rounds are 2 minutes long with 1 minute rest. Women's boxing rounds are 2 minutes long with 1 minute breaks.

    5. How many rounds are in a bout?

      Regular boxing bouts are generally 10 rounds long, but championship bouts are 12 rounds. Amateur fighters usually begin at 3-4 rounds and slowly increase incrementally until they get to the professional 10 round length.

    7. Is there a difference between MMA and Boxing timers?

      The only significant difference between MMA and boxing timers is that MMA timers are preset to 5 minute rounds, while boxing timers are set to 3 minute rounds. In most good timers these increments are adjustable though.

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