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Adidas Boxing Starter Kit

Adidas Boxing Starter Kit

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Adidas Boxing Performance
    The perfect boxing starter kit for almost any age enthusiast. Tough 12 oz. PU3G cover training gloves with almost 2" of I-PROTECH molded inner foam, attached safety thumb and elastic with hook-and-loop wrist closure. Includes Inner Glove Liner that offers excellent hand protection without the hassles of hand wraps. Also includes Super Speed Rope with wooden handles and sealed ball-bearing inserts for smooth, precision workouts. Save big with the adidas Boxing Start Kit designed for all ages and experience levels.

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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Apparel Expert FAQs
    1. How long should my shorts be?

      The length and style of boxing shorts is generally at the discretion of the boxers. Some prefer very elaborate designs while others go with the more old-school, plain styles. The length of shorts as increased as time has gone on, but it is still the boxer's choice as to just how long he/she likes them.
      In amateur boxing fighters are required to wear shorts with a contrasting color waistband and that do not hang below the knee.

    3. Do my shorts need to be made out of satin?

      It is not required that your shorts be made out of satin, but time has proven it to be the best material. Satin is naturally water resistant and stays loose and light throughout many rounds of boxing. Cotton shorts become heavy and waterlogged quite quickly in the heat of a fight. It is highly recommended you choose satin for your boxing shorts.

    5. Boxing shorts vs MMA trunks

      Boxing shorts and MMA trunks serve two very different purposes. For boxers, the most important factor is being light, mobile, and water-free. Shorts that stay out of your way and allow you to keep your mind on the fight is a great advantage.
      MMA trunks have the added responsibility of protecting the fighter's skin when the match goes down to the ground. As such, it is often beneficial for the fighter to have the shorts come down lower and protect more of the leg. Since MMA fights do not contain as many rounds as boxing, the weight of the shorts is less of a factor.

    7. How high should I wear my trunks?

      It is recommended that you wear your boxing shorts around belly-button height. This is higher than most people are used to wearing their normal clothing. The purpose is two fold: 1). To properly cover the groin protector that takes up space all around the groin area. In order to keep the elastic in place the waistband must be over it and tied securely.
      2). Boxing does not permit punches "below the belt", and by having your belt higher up you help ensure that your opponent won't get away with any cheap shots.

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