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Rival Gauze - Box Of 50 Rolls

Rival Gauze - Box Of 50 Rolls

This item is not currently available for purchase.

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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Corner Supplies Expert FAQs
    1. What equipment does my cornerman need?

      If you've got a trainer or cornerman (or are one yourself), here are some tips on what equipment you should have available.
      First, get a quality bag and two buckets. The bag is to store all the little odds and ends you will need. Your first bucket will be used to spit out water in between rounds, and to store anything else you might need to throw away (used gauze, etc). The second bucket is used to store ice and should be kept handy.
      To properly fill your gear bag, you'll want to get medical gauze, towels, a no-swell, q-tips, cotton swabs, an ice bag or pack, Vaseline, scissors, rubber/latex gloves, and a water bottle.
      In addition, you may choose to bring spare mouthpieces, shoe laces, and gloves.

    3. How do I use a no-swell?

      A no-swell is a valuable tool for keeping a boxer at his best. When used properly it can preempt and reduce swelling where strikes have landed.
      To use the no-swell properly, store it in the ice bucket that you take with you to ringside. When it comes time to apply it to the boxer's face, apply a thin coating of Vaseline to the metal. The Vaseline will prevent the ice cold metal from adhering to the warm, moist skin.

    5. As a boxer, why should I put vaseline on my face?

      Applying an initial layer of Vaseline to the face is important for boxing bouts. The Vaseline causes the leather of your opponent's gloves to slide off of your skin with less friction, and thus less cutting. Vaseline is also useful in the treatment of cuts. After the blood has been cleared away, a thin layer of Vaseline helps reduce the bleeding and keep the cut together.
      One final use is applying a thin layer of Vaseline around the inside rim of the nose, which helps keep the nose pliable and reduces chances of nose bleed.

    7. How many towels should I bring to a fight?

      It is recommended that you bring at least two towels to the ring. One small towel is used to wipe the face and help clean sweat and blood. This small towel is also used for throwing into the ring when the match is forfeited. You also want a larger towel that can cover the upper body between rounds. This helps preserve warmth and keeps the muscles ready to go. Sometimes gyms and fitnes centers can be drafty, so take proper precautions.

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