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Leather Speed Bag- Black & White

Leather Speed Bag- Black & White
$29.95  On Sale: $24.95 each 

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Top Value in Fight Sports
  • Quality leather..
  • Dual layer swivel loop.
  • Sizes:X-Small: 4x7, Small: 5 x 8, Medium: 6 x 9.

The Leather Speed Bag- Black & White by Top Contender offers three convenient sizes at one great price. Its outer shell is made of quality leather and it features a swivel loop that provides extra durability and strength. Its full shape and even balance will maintain accuracy and consistency when striking the bag. While enhancing your speed, power and strength, the speed bag is an excellent source for burning calories and having fun.

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Although the price was good, it's like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The bag is way out of ballance and visibly out of proportion. Spend a little extra money for a much more superior bag is my recommendation.   
by: comeau44   
3/10/2010 11:30:48 AM
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This is my first "Top Contender" speed bag (couldn't resist the price) and when inflated it was obviously lopsided. I'm hoping that its not bad enough that I cant work it out a with some use.

Being the first thing I've bought from Top Contender I would question their quality a little.  
by: mkoban79   
3/3/2010 8:11:30 AM
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Great speedbag, especially for the price, has not deflated even a small amount, would definitely recommend.   
by: jaytee   
1/28/2010 10:42:59 AM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Speed Bags Expert FAQs
  1. What size speed bag is right for me?

    When choosing a speed bag the most important decision to make is size. The size of the bag has a great effect on the speed, rebound, and striking surface available to you.
    Bigger bags have a larger surface area and can thus be hit more routinely. However, smaller bags tend to rebound quicker and can provide faster training.
    Also consider the details of make and model when shopping. Some bags have an added attachment loop on the bottom to convert it into a double end bag.
    Beginners generally prefer larger bags as it increases the sweet spot for you to strike. Easier to hit = less frustration and more training. Experienced boxers tend to prefer smaller, quicker bags that allow them to hone their speed and accuracy to a fine degree.

  3. How high should I hang the bag?

    Most boxers recommend that you hang your speed bag up at mouth level. This provides a natural feel and keeps the arms working at proper angles. You want to be punching the fattest part of the bag (aka the belly), so having it too low could be problematic in that area. If your speed bag is too high however you will begin to feel unnecessary strain in your arms and neck.

  5. How much should I inflate my bag?

    Inflating your bag properly is key to good, safe training. One problem that many beginners face is over-inflation. When a bag is too inflated it becomes stiff and can often hurt the hands.
    When inflating your bag, make sure you keep going until all the wrinkles in the material have been pushed out. However, be certain that you can press the bag with both thumbs and feel it depressing. If you cannot press the bag or are struggling to do so, you may have over-inflated it. If you have under-inflated the bag you'll notice a lack of good rebound, so simply add a bit more until you get the feel you want. Under-inflating is also a good strategy just in case your bag is going a bit too fast for you to keep up.

  7. How do I use a maize ball?

    The maize ball is an interesting and inexpensive way to add variety to your training routine. As opposed to a speed bag where the goal is to strike with rhythm and timing, the maize bag swings freely back and forth on a much longer chain. This swinging provides you the opportunity to practice head movement to avoid being struck by the bag and also helps you work on foot movement and shadow boxing.
    The maize bag can be used for hitting practice but is more frequently used as a mobility and reactionary tool.

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