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Elite Molded Foam Bag Gloves

Elite Molded Foam Bag Gloves
$59.95 pair 

This item is not currently available for purchase.
100 Years of Greatness Meets US Fight Sports
  • Great for bag work of sparring sessions
  • No break-in period necessary
  • Natural fist position mold
  • Durable leather construction
  • Recluse closure system
Exhibiting top-notch durability and safety, the molded foam technology featured in the Elite Molded Foam Bag Gloves naturally positions the fist for punching. The gloves are constructed of genuine leather and include a recluse closure that stretches to provide a custom fit and withdraws into the sleeve when not in use.

sku: #bx-gl-346


Very good gloves, they fit very nice.  
by: toine213032   
4/30/2010 8:12:55 PM
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Are the regular sized gloves 16 ounces?  
by: Corey   
6/2/2011 2:41:03 PM
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Yes, they are 16 ounce.
by: TMArtist     
6/3/2011 10:43:58 AM
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The response to this question seems to be from Boxing Depot but unless they sell a different glove than Ringside or Lonsdale USA, the weight is 12oz for the regular. I ordered some last year and the tag says 12oz.
by: mich44   
7/16/2011 6:47:10 PM
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Regular Sizes

I've been using these gloves for a year and love them, but I've worn them out and need a new pair. Mine are the regular/medium and I can't seem to find them anywhere, any idea why that is? Thanks.  
by: Mimadavi   
5/2/2011 6:06:43 PM
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I know we've run out of stock in that size, and my best guess is that they are either slow on the manufacturing right now, or trying to phase out the model. Don't know which yet.
by: TMArtist     
5/4/2011 11:44:16 AM
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Is this a 16oz glove

Is this a 16 oz glove  
by: Kevin Morro   
3/11/2011 6:29:29 PM
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Yes it is.
by: TMArtist     
5/4/2011 11:54:20 AM
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Are these good to hit mitts with?

Are these gloves good to hit mitts with, or just the bag?  
by: Vinny-D   
12/20/2010 8:14:29 PM
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Actually they are good for mitts as well. very well-rounded gloves!
by: TMArtist     
12/21/2010 2:19:53 PM
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Weight of these gloves?

It's probably listed somewhere, but I'm super lazy, but what do these gloves weigh?  
by: Vinny-D   
12/20/2010 7:33:37 PM
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Not Perfect, but still quite good

These are really nice gloves that I've owned for about six months. Once broken in they have become some of my favorite gloves, but there are some things worth noting:

a) the gloves look sharp, but the black paint towards the cuff started to chip almost as soon as I started using them. In addition, the red sections have bled into the white in spots. Not a big deal, but worth noting.

Tight Thumbs:
b) another reviewer noted that the thumbs are tight and I agree that was the case initially. I ended up wedging some rolled up hand wraps into them while not in use to stretch them out. Once they were sufficiently stretched there was no longer an issue. This is quite normal for me so I can't really ding Lonsdale for that. I've had to do the same for Adidas gloves in the past.

Large Wrists:
c) I purchased the large pair because I have fairly big hands. The pocket is definitely roomy enough but the catch is getting your hands in them. The cuff is really narrow and some may even need to cut the interior elastic strip in order to make inserting your hands easier.

Large Forearms:
d) The elastic closure is nice, but with big forearms you may get abrasions from the Velcro. Pulling the straps tighter is an option, but then it becomes a circulation issue. I found that wrapping my hands a little higher up my arm is the best option.   
by: bgrieb   
12/20/2010 10:18:41 AM
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Very good gloves, great price

I bought these gloves as an upgrade from my old pair of Ringside Super Bag Gloves, which were falling apart after a year of constant use. I've been boxing for about 2.5 years now, and recently developed pains in my wrist, thumb and middle knuckles, so I was looking for a glove that would provide superior support and thicker padding. So far I haven't been disappointed with the Lonsdales (all three injuries seem to have gotten better). The gloves do take some getting used to, though... the molded padding fit nicely on the fingers and is comfortable, but is more rounded than cheaper (layered) bag gloves, with the result that - at first, at least - punches often glance off the heavy bag or mitts (on the plus side, this has made me more conscious of proper form and landing solidly). The elastic wrist collars allow for tighter/better support, but are a little tough to close without help. The attached thumb is also an improvement, though less important on a bag glove than for sparring, which is where the thumb injuries seem to be most common. One downside to these gloves is that the thumbs are somewht stiff and tend to press into the fleshy part of the hand at the base of the thumb, which is distracting and little uncomfortable but so far hasn't worsened my thumb injury. All in all, these gloves are a very good buy (especially at this price) if you're looking to step up to a more comfortable, better fitting model.  
by: Marc   
11/19/2010 7:55:04 AM
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How much do the Large ones weigh?  
by: rybin11   
11/4/2010 3:24:18 PM
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That would be a 16 ounce glove.
by: TMArtist     
11/5/2010 5:39:46 PM
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i am 6' but have small hands...glove size medium..would you get the regular??  
by: n.schneider84   
10/6/2010 9:49:38 PM
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I would n.schneider, yes. If for whatever reason they aren't comfortable when you get them just let us know, we can exchange the size or set you up with a refund.
by: TMArtist     
10/7/2010 1:01:59 PM
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What size should I order?

I'd like to order these gloves to spar/train with a friend of mine. For that purpose, which size should I order - Regular or Large?  
by: sean   
8/9/2010 9:11:13 AM
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That depends on your size Sean. If you are an average sized guy (5'6"-5'10" or so) go with the regular. If you are in the six foot territory consider the large.
by: TMArtist     
8/9/2010 1:23:32 PM
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very nice gloves they fit perfect and the leather work is very nice and they just look cool but i really like the feel they have they feel alot better than my old everlast gloves best gloves i have owned so far.  
by: biggodompe   
6/6/2010 5:42:16 AM
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I noticed a big price difference on these

Over at ringside and at lonsdale usa these gloves cost $20 more than they do here. Does anyone know why the big price difference?  
by: djbobbyritalin   
5/20/2010 2:15:05 PM
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Because we love you at boxing depot. We'd drop it even more if we could.
by: TMArtist     
5/26/2010 3:39:59 PM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Boxing Gloves Expert FAQs
  1. What type of boxing gloves should I get?

    Boxing gloves are constructed to enhance different aspects of your game. Some gloves are designed to be small and compact and place more of the glove weight toward the wrist, increasing speed and impact. Protection is minimized, but punching power is increased. If your primary focus is on punching power, this is a good choice (consider the Cleto Reyes brand). Other gloves do the exact opposite, favoring more padding over the knuckles. Boxers that have had hand injuries or who wish to be mindful of safety prefer gloves that have extra padding over the knuckles. Gloves that are fluffier also make for better defensive tools as they can cover more surface area with less movement (consider the Grant brand of gloves). Other brands range in between these two extremes and you can gauge just how much padding you need, and where you want it.

  3. What weight gloves should I get?

    The weight of gloves are measured in ounces. The higher the number the greater the shock absorbency and the heavier the weight. The standard for sparring is 14 - 20 ounces. Go on the heavier side if you want to increase your cardio or have a joint injury. For bag work 12 ounce is standard. For competition 8 or 10 ounce is the standard for pros and 10 or 12 ounce is standard for amateurs.

  5. Boxing Gloves vs. Bag Gloves

    Boxing gloves are designed to use a softer less-dense foam combination, mold or gel that increases shock absorbency for both you and your partner. Bag gloves utilize a dense foam that can withstand the day-in-day-out pounding they will receive in the gym. The closure of boxing gloves protects your partner from abrasions.The closure of bag gloves are easy-on, easy-off. Bag gloves also can contain a grip bar in the palm, which provides you an enhanced (and safer) fist.

  7. Can I hit bags with my boxing gloves?

    You can do bag work with your boxing gloves, but they will break down faster. The foam and outer in boxing gloves are designed to protect your opponent, which is great when sparring but when you use boxing gloves for bag work they will break down faster than comparable bag gloves would.

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