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Professional Training Gloves

Professional Training Gloves
$199.95  On Sale: $169.95 pair 

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From the Iconic Boxing Brand
  • Classic red and white color scheme
  • Durable leather construction
  • Layered foam for enhanced hand protection
  • Built in Mexico

Grant Professional Training Gloves are manufactured from top quality leather and lined with a water repellent satin/nylon. Layered foam protection over the knuckles with an extra long cuff for increased wrist support.

Handcrafted in Mexico.

sku: #bx-gl-471


Grant 20 ozs

i received these gloves a few weeks ago. i have used the reyes 18 ozs for the past several years, but decided to try these. these are well built gloves, good quality. i know it's only 2 ozs heavier than my reyes' but they are great for building shoulder strength and endurance. i have sparred and hit the mitts with them and they have held up without any problem. i recommend these to anyone who is wanting to check them out.  
by: JC in Columbus, OH   
6/6/2011 8:58:48 AM
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Poor craftsmanship.

I loved these gloves, but even after sending the first pair back for an interior repair the ones that were sent back to me had the stitching already coming off on the side cuff. Very disappointing considering these are great gloves :/  
by: mike   
2/15/2011 4:16:28 PM
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white grants

hey i am looking for white 160z grants and you have them. are they just all pure white like shown in the picture or is there other colors on it like the other grant pro sparring gloves  
by: Noah   
11/28/2010 11:18:34 AM
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Don't waste your money!

These gloves have an uncomfortable wrist area and the lining is really cheap. Don't waste your money on this over-priced junk. And if you have already bought these gloves, good luck returning them. Boxing Depot has awful customer service.  
by: Thriller   
11/4/2010 5:06:19 PM
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I'm sorry we didn't satisfy you, Thriller. Please email and let us try to correct the issue you had with your return.
by: Aaron   
11/5/2010 10:23:23 AM
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Small hand friendly?

I have small hands and hate when there is too much room in the hand compartment, how big is the hand compartment on these gloves?  
by: mike   
10/20/2010 1:21:11 AM
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will you guys be getting the campeon grant training gloves hook & loop let me know thanks  
by: alex   
10/13/2010 3:15:31 PM
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Are the grant red gloves the new color or are they the ones shown here?  
by: vic123   
10/10/2010 1:00:14 AM
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Why is it every brand has taken away the 'cuff' as we all know the longer the cuff the less padding over knuckcles,some of these look like pillows sucks,and for safety you need a long cuff !  
by: benny   
10/1/2010 1:20:10 PM
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I own several pairs of both Grant professional and training gloves which I use on a weekly basis to work out in the gym. I also own a few groin protectors and headgears which I usually have to replace every 2-3 years and I have to say I am more than satisfied with my gear. I have been a customer of the brand for over 7 years and there is a reason why only the most ELITE champions such as the Pound For Pound King Floyd Mayweather Jr and The Klitschko brothers along with David Haye who account for every current champion in the heavyweight division have argued with their promoters and insisted to wear Grant gloves each and every time they step in the ring. Grant has proved to to it's consumers that QUALITY comes before QUANTITY and it is the reason why there is such a high demand for their prestigious line of products. Obviously there will always be the ignorant "HATERS" out there to trying to make a bad rep for something they know is clearly better then what they can afford and can not compare to since it's in a class of it's own.

These products are are not only a disgrace to the sport, but a hazard which has negatively impacted many fighters in the sport today. Forget about money and free merchandise, YOUR HANDS ARE MOST IMPORTANT!! These things look like prunes!

This is pure CLASS and as far as I'm concerned, those who go with the other garbage competitors like Cleto Reyes and Everlast can have fun breaking their hands...  
by: agent007   
8/30/2010 6:40:52 PM
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winning is even better! training wise that is. but who hates on grant? it's all about personal preference. i would choose cleto reyes or mx pro everlast for fights, if you don't have brittle hands. people with brittle hands will go with winning or grant. i think grant and winning are best training. i prefer winning for training tho. i like grants, but winnings are even higher quality imo. i don't like cleto reyes or everlast for training. for the most part anyway. it's all personal preference. maybe it's you that's hating on other brands. i've never heard anyone say anything but good things for grants. maybe youhave brittle hands. which is common in some boxers. because i've never heard anyone hate on cleto reyes pro fight gloves or evelast mx pro fight gloves. but again that's your opinion. i'm just curious. i'm not that much of a fan of larger gloves for fights. for training of course. but for fights not so much. again that would be great for more defensive fighters or fighters with brittle hands.
by: brandeezy108   
9/30/2010 9:01:52 PM
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What's the deal?

I bought these, and was sent a pair with a torn up interior. I go through the hassle of sending them back and get a replacement. They are torn again on the inside on another spot. I sent them back for a refund. I bought them 2 months ago. I still don't have the money on my credit card since the money transfer is processing. Basically I just wasted 2 months trying to get these gloves for nothing. What a waste of time. I could've had some other gloves by now. It also seems shady to me than they are 50$ cheaper than the ones from grantboxing. My guess is boxingdepot is purchasing defective grant gloves. In all honesty, I think I should be given more than just my refund because of thew hassle I had to go through. DO NOT BUY!  
by: alexanderkarelin16   
8/28/2010 10:02:11 AM
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not happy

I just recieved my 14oz grants and these gloves from boxing depot are not of good quality compared to the authentics from I'm returning these fakes and will never buy from boxingdepot again...  
by: rhinkson   
8/26/2010 4:47:43 PM
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Sorry you were disappointed Rhinkson! Although I can tell you that all of our products come from the makers - we do not purchase any fake equipment or knockoffs.

I hope you'll try us again some time.
by: TMArtist     
8/27/2010 2:35:58 PM
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These are absolutely not fakes, they're the exact same product you'd get at

We'll of course be happy to refund your order in full.
by: Aaron   
8/27/2010 9:48:06 PM
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They are not fake, but they are garbage with torn interior. Boxingdepot should stop this scam. Nobody buy I tried two pairs in a row and both had torn interior.
by: alexanderkarelin16   
11/18/2010 12:51:39 AM
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question on the white grant gloves

If the gloves pictured are not the ones we will receive. what color scheme do the white gloves come in? are they just white with a half black thumb and palm?   
by: Ian   
8/25/2010 8:19:40 PM
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I checked grant's site and saw there that same gloves has higher kinda wondering why it's cheaper here?  
by: Psychron   
8/22/2010 1:10:39 PM
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Same gloves, we just have it on sale.
by: Aaron   
8/22/2010 1:14:47 PM
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I ordered 20oz and 14oz Grant Training Gloves!

I usually hit the bag with 16oz gloves and switch on and off with my weighted glove which is 2.5lbs each. I ordered the 14oz to keep in touch with my speed and the 20oz to use more often. Im 135lbs when training and walk around at around 149lbs. Im 5'10 and was wondering, will there be a significant difference in the FIT of the gloves(14oz and 20oz Grant Training Gloves)?   
by: rhinkson   
8/21/2010 2:24:52 AM
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Hi rhinkson. No there should not be much of a difference in size as the oz generally refers to the weight (therefore padding) of the glove rather than size.
by: TMArtist     
8/23/2010 3:15:51 PM
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Older Grants?

Just as with the Super Bag Gloves, the stock picture shown here is for the older model Grants (with white cuff). The newer model Grants at Grantboxing and Ringside are black with red cuff and also available in other colours (green,blue,yellow etc) Are these the older models? Will you be getting the newer models in anytime soon?  
by: Denno   
8/15/2010 2:39:07 AM
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Thanks, Denno. We have the new style Grant gloves, we will be changing the images on the website shortly.
by: Aaron   
8/16/2010 9:02:55 AM
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Video Title

my review of these gloves  
by: Alex   
1/28/2010 4:25:51 PM
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It's obvoius this dude is not a fighter. I don't need to know how a glove looks, I need to know how it performs. Please get someone on here that knows what they are talking about.
by: BamBam   
1/6/2011 6:57:13 PM
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Bam Bam that dude is a golden gloves champion so do some research before running your mouth off. There are so many wanna be fighters out there wearing affliction and acting like they know about fighting and boxing equipment that has been tried and true, its pathetic. The dude on ratethisgear was boxing while you were pumping juice in your rear end and putting on fluffy muscle to look tough so you really wouldnt have to fight. Real fighters are humble and dont care if they look tough or not. That dude might not look tough and scary but he will piece up "bam bam" any day and ill put money on that. As far as the gloves I have a pair of the new style and i think they are great and fit great. I am hw but have small hands there is some extra room for wraps around the knuckle area for wraps but it is not to much. Its just enough in my opinion. I also have reyes training, lonsdale elite, and grant campeon training for training and the grant pro training is my fav. Reyes is close second though. I do know though these are from grant which is really ringside and they are the same, they are not a knock off.
by: RThrasher   
4/7/2011 4:11:26 PM
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They should bring the old style grants with all black and no logo - just the "Grant" symbol on the outside.

I also heard you can get these gloves by calling up grant themselves with orthopedic foam like the ones FMJ uses for training. Be prepared to shell out $500 tho.
by: Don Flamenco   
4/9/2011 3:43:57 AM
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So last friday i ordered the 16oz white glove, I called instead of ordering online. The person i talked to thursday told me to call before 2pm on friday with funds in order and it would be processed and snet out monday. At the time they only had 6 or 7 pair of that white, so i wanted to get a pair before they were out of stock. I called my bank on monday to find if the funds went through and they had not, so i called the depot and they still didnt process the order. So they said they would get it through. Well guess what they didnt i called again at the end of the day and it still wasnt done the person then said that it was processed for sure, and told me I would get a email with a shipping number. Guess what I didnt get the email. So now there is only 3 whites in stock and by the way things are going with these people they will be out of stock before they process my order. Ive seen other complaints but i didnt think nothing of it. I am constantly getting new boxing gear and have done alot of business with Title and Ringside and everything always went smooth. Ive never dealt with a company that didnt want to take my money. This is very irratating please boxing depot respond with a explanation and with my order processed and on its way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: RThrasher   
4/11/2011 8:21:40 PM
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The review from alex is a older version of the pro trainer. The constuction of the glove now is alot different and it is hard to find a pair that is constucted right. If someone buys these pay close attention to the feel of the foam around the wrist. If you get a poorly constucted pair it will not feel like foam, it feels way different than anything I have ever felt in a glove. Ive gone through five pairs and only one I have kept. What I came to realize is that the pairs with a black liner are ALWAYS constucted with foam and wheigh what they are supposed to wheigh. The ones with the tan/white liner always wheigh point two over and are not constucted with foam around the wrist area. If it is foam its some really low quality stuff and its really lumpy. If you look closely to some of the pictures of the different colors you will see the lumps on the cuff section of the gloves. Also dont be fooled if your going to buy this glove get it here or ringside. Because if you go make a purhase from you'll spend way more money on glove that is all coming from the same place. The last thing Im going to say is that I have always loved Grant boxing and I cant believe "Elvis" (owner of Grant) has let his products come to this. It sickens me. One more thing the cuff is now way more protected than the pair Alex is reviewing. Actually it can be a little to padded. I wish he would review a new pair. That pair is actually constucted totally different, they are not the same glove other than they share the same name. If you manage to get a good pair it is a very good glove but thats if you mange to get lucky. Good Luck!
by: RThrasher   
5/26/2011 1:16:19 PM
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To RThrasher..i cudnt agree more..i own a couple of pairs of grant 16oz pro training gloves..and i have found the pairs with the white inside have always felt lumpy in places..still great gloves but each pair is different, my most recent purchase was a pair of green 16oz pro gloves with the black material inside the glove and the difference is apparent as soon as your hand goes in the glove..they feel a tad lighter..u feel more protection with no lumps, a fantasic glove. In no way am i griefing ringside or boxingdepot because i assume thats how they come and ive always had fantastic service from both..however i do think that the retailers of these gloves should look into this seriously and give "ELVIS" a kick up the backside. Because of this irregularity with the grants im considering some winnings for my next gloves a big fan of ringside and of boxingdepot and of the grant brand, but i cant help but think their pulling a fast one with gloves that arent up to standard. Best wishes!
by: john birch   
6/2/2011 11:11:11 AM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Boxing Gloves Expert FAQs
  1. What type of boxing gloves should I get?

    Boxing gloves are constructed to enhance different aspects of your game. Some gloves are designed to be small and compact and place more of the glove weight toward the wrist, increasing speed and impact. Protection is minimized, but punching power is increased. If your primary focus is on punching power, this is a good choice (consider the Cleto Reyes brand). Other gloves do the exact opposite, favoring more padding over the knuckles. Boxers that have had hand injuries or who wish to be mindful of safety prefer gloves that have extra padding over the knuckles. Gloves that are fluffier also make for better defensive tools as they can cover more surface area with less movement (consider the Grant brand of gloves). Other brands range in between these two extremes and you can gauge just how much padding you need, and where you want it.

  3. What weight gloves should I get?

    The weight of gloves are measured in ounces. The higher the number the greater the shock absorbency and the heavier the weight. The standard for sparring is 14 - 20 ounces. Go on the heavier side if you want to increase your cardio or have a joint injury. For bag work 12 ounce is standard. For competition 8 or 10 ounce is the standard for pros and 10 or 12 ounce is standard for amateurs.

  5. Boxing Gloves vs. Bag Gloves

    Boxing gloves are designed to use a softer less-dense foam combination, mold or gel that increases shock absorbency for both you and your partner. Bag gloves utilize a dense foam that can withstand the day-in-day-out pounding they will receive in the gym. The closure of boxing gloves protects your partner from abrasions.The closure of bag gloves are easy-on, easy-off. Bag gloves also can contain a grip bar in the palm, which provides you an enhanced (and safer) fist.

  7. Can I hit bags with my boxing gloves?

    You can do bag work with your boxing gloves, but they will break down faster. The foam and outer in boxing gloves are designed to protect your opponent, which is great when sparring but when you use boxing gloves for bag work they will break down faster than comparable bag gloves would.

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