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Reyes Lace Up Training Gloves

Reyes Lace Up Training Gloves

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Top quality Mexican boxing gear
  • Traditional Mexican design
  • Extended wrist for added stability
  • Lace up cuff
  • Layered foam padding
  • Moisture resistant lining

Sleek, contoured design with an extra long cuff created in a classic Mexican style. Form-fitting, curved knuckle area for better fist closure and a more natural feel. Manufactured from head leather with water-resistant nylon lining.

sku: #bx-gl-472

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Short Description  
by: Chris   
9/17/2010 8:40:43 PM
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10 oz

are 10oz good for 14 year old sparring?
by: pedro   
12/18/2011 2:49:05 AM
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I would probably recommend a 14 or 16 oz.
by: TMArtist     
12/19/2011 10:56:04 AM
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punchers glove

i was wondering if anyone knew if which one is the better punchers glove between these and promex 160z  
by: aztecboxer181   
4/13/2011 1:38:27 PM
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Would these gloves be good for a 16 y.o boy who takes boxing classes? Preferably the 14oz? Thanks  
by: CJ   
1/31/2011 11:59:45 AM
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Yea these would work great. Very high quality.
by: TMArtist     
2/2/2011 2:02:17 PM
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16oz white?

are 16oz white out of stock or do you not sell them?? i am very interested in buying these at such a great price during the sale.  
by: thatsbuzzin   
1/10/2011 4:22:38 PM
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It appears to be an out of stock situation, although since we have an abundance of the rest we probably won't get another shipment for awhile.
by: TMArtist     
1/13/2011 10:25:26 AM
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Reyes Training Gloves

This was my first order from "boxing". It was a great experience. The price was right, and the order was shipped quickly to me. The gloves were just as described. The gloves were a present for my son who is avid martial artist. He loves to box and kick-box. The gloves were perfect: he is in awe of them. They fit great and provide the protection he needs. I would recommend Reyes training gloves for any serious striker.  
by: Santokuryu   
12/25/2010 2:14:03 PM
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I was wondering if the logo will say Reyes instead of en Mexico on the different coloured gloves ?  
by: Pacquaio   
11/19/2010 8:04:36 PM
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Doesn't matter what the logo says. They are the same glove. Don't believe the bs that's being spread on the internet.
by: Don Flamenco   
4/9/2011 4:14:48 AM
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actually the smaller logo has softer padding then the new logo and the thumb support is different but the new gloves are alot better then the old
by: aztecboxer181   
4/13/2011 1:43:11 PM
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Good Gloves!

I purchased these gloves a few weeks ago and they are holding up really well. Good fit and good price!  
by: illstillz   
11/19/2010 12:52:18 PM
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Good Gloves!

I purchased these gloves a few weeks ago and they are holding up really well. Good fit and good price!  
by: illstillz   
11/19/2010 12:52:14 PM
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what colour

hey i was watching ratethisgear and he said he got these blue cletos from you guys. Are the ones you sell on this website the same you gave to him? Also are the 16oz they good for medium sized hands?  
by: Noah   
9/17/2010 3:27:03 PM
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These are the same gloves. Reyes just updated the colors, as I guess you know. The new ones are in stock. We'll get the image of the new colors up this week (week of September 19, 2010). If you order you'll get the new colors.
by: Aaron   
9/17/2010 8:47:19 PM
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sparring gloves?

would theses gloves be good for sparring? im thinking about getting the 14oz  
by: brian   
9/14/2010 1:10:55 PM
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Yes these are a fine choice for sparring. The lace up design will keep them nice and snug.
by: TMArtist     
9/15/2010 12:25:01 PM
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Question Regarding Red Color Combination

Hi, I was wondering what the new color combination for the Red gloves are? Are they still white palm & black thumb?  
by: XTN   
9/14/2010 1:01:45 PM
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Glove color

Are the gloves here the new models that are shown on Ringside?  
by: Simon   
9/11/2010 12:25:25 PM
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They are the new models shown on Ringside.
by: Aaron   
9/13/2010 6:34:06 PM
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Wrist support

What kind of padding is used in the wrist area? Is it hard or soft?  
by: Mario   
9/8/2010 4:45:10 PM
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The wrist involves minimal foam padding surrounded by durable and resistant leather cuffing. It's flexible, but not overly so.
by: TMArtist     
9/9/2010 12:15:21 PM
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Are you still selling the style of the white glove or have you updated to the models that have all cleto reyes logo on the glove such as the black model instead on Hencho en Mexico  
by: Brett   
8/23/2010 10:35:38 PM
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Hi Brett. All models are updated, and will be reflected as such on the website in the near future.

Thanks for checking in on this one!
by: TMArtist     
8/24/2010 1:31:34 PM
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best gloves on the market

When I first got these gloves i thought they were alright.When you first put them on I felt that they were kinda uncomftrable but once you break em in they are the best gloves you could ever have.The stitching and Leather are the best.Top quality gloves by far and they will last you egleast 2 and a half years.Great gloves but if your a person with fragile knuckles get a diffrent pair of gloves but if you dont these are perfect.Go get a pair!  
by: marcus   
8/12/2010 1:08:31 AM
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worth the money

I have used a lot of gloves in my career, whether im borrowing them or buying them, I always take note of how good or bad they are because hey, you never know when you;ll need a new pair. These feel flat out fantastic. Every glove with some boxers name on them claim that they were designed by the boxer himself. That's usually bull, and probably is in this case too, but these gloves were designed with boxers in mind. That much is without question.   
1/6/2010 3:06:56 PM
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You're right, it's tough to believe that a lot of these 'name' companies actually get the sponsor to sign off and train with the equipment. Nevertheless, like yourself, I have always found Cleto Reyes to uphold a high standard.
by: TMArtist     
1/26/2010 1:32:42 AM
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This are totally worth the money. Hand Made from leather (not by some chinese guy) so with proper care and use they will last more than the rest. Very confortable. Just for the record, Cleto Reyes worked in a leather company making baseball gloves, tried boxing but was not successfull, became independent determined to make the best boxing glove.   
by: Red   
3/11/2010 1:25:33 PM
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" Hand Made from leather (not by some chinese guy)"

Yep, instead of some chinese guy, some guy named Juanito Reyes made them. Great grand son of Cleto Reyes himself.
by: Don Flamenco   
4/9/2011 4:18:42 AM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Boxing Gloves Expert FAQs
  1. What type of boxing gloves should I get?

    Boxing gloves are constructed to enhance different aspects of your game. Some gloves are designed to be small and compact and place more of the glove weight toward the wrist, increasing speed and impact. Protection is minimized, but punching power is increased. If your primary focus is on punching power, this is a good choice (consider the Cleto Reyes brand). Other gloves do the exact opposite, favoring more padding over the knuckles. Boxers that have had hand injuries or who wish to be mindful of safety prefer gloves that have extra padding over the knuckles. Gloves that are fluffier also make for better defensive tools as they can cover more surface area with less movement (consider the Grant brand of gloves). Other brands range in between these two extremes and you can gauge just how much padding you need, and where you want it.

  3. What weight gloves should I get?

    The weight of gloves are measured in ounces. The higher the number the greater the shock absorbency and the heavier the weight. The standard for sparring is 14 - 20 ounces. Go on the heavier side if you want to increase your cardio or have a joint injury. For bag work 12 ounce is standard. For competition 8 or 10 ounce is the standard for pros and 10 or 12 ounce is standard for amateurs.

  5. Boxing Gloves vs. Bag Gloves

    Boxing gloves are designed to use a softer less-dense foam combination, mold or gel that increases shock absorbency for both you and your partner. Bag gloves utilize a dense foam that can withstand the day-in-day-out pounding they will receive in the gym. The closure of boxing gloves protects your partner from abrasions.The closure of bag gloves are easy-on, easy-off. Bag gloves also can contain a grip bar in the palm, which provides you an enhanced (and safer) fist.

  7. Can I hit bags with my boxing gloves?

    You can do bag work with your boxing gloves, but they will break down faster. The foam and outer in boxing gloves are designed to protect your opponent, which is great when sparring but when you use boxing gloves for bag work they will break down faster than comparable bag gloves would.

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