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Ultra Protection Bag Gloves

Ultra Protection Bag Gloves

This item is not currently available for purchase.
“Top End Bag Gloves”
These are the top end Everlast bag gloves, and they provide excellent protection and comfort and are from a brand you trust.

We recommend these gloves.
  • EverCOOL mesh technology uses strategic ventilation to keep hands cool and dry
  • Premium grade leather exterior
  • C3 Foam contoured Closed-Cell Foam interior
  • PROTEX 2 dual panel anatomical foam collar provides strategic wrist support and inhibits joint hyperflexion
  • EverDRI lining provides moisture wicking as well as antimicrobial protection so gloves stay fresher longer

For boxers who love to bag train, or who need extra protection around their hands and wrists, the Protex 2 glove is a perfect selection. The thick padding around the hands and knuckles can disperse the impact of even the heaviest punches, and the closed cell foam inside has been ruggedly tested for durability.

Everlast provides a combination of EverCool and EverDri technology to keep your hands as cool, dry, and comfortable as possible. These gloves can also be used for sparring purposes.

sku: #bx-gl-691

the right glove?

just ordered the everlast 14oz. glove for heavybag use. its been a while since i hit the bag, (about 15 years). so time, fat and high sugar has caught up to me. doing this more to lose weight and stay in shape. this should be a decent glove? thanks, joepags  
by: jpagano74   
3/25/2013 9:10:04 PM
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This glove was a good choice because you want to worry about health and safety first as you get back into the swing of things. Don't start too fast - consistent, moderate workouts will be the key to you getting back to where you want to be.
by: TMArtist     
3/26/2013 12:04:34 AM
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Break-in time?

Do these gloves require a significant amount of break-in time? I bought a pair of 14oz to replace the 16oz Pro Styles I was using, and even with wraps and sponges I ended up tearing quite a bit of skin off my knuckles on a 100lb bag.  
by: DanH   
2/17/2013 6:34:53 PM
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These gloves do feature pretty thick padding so I would say you'll experience a decent amount of break in time.
by: TMArtist     
2/18/2013 1:12:27 PM
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Hi, I'm just starting out and need some help.

Which glove are better Ringside IMF Tech Bag Gloves or Everlast Ultra Protection Bag Gloves?
I am 5'8, 270lbs. My heavy bag is 100lbs. Any help would be great...  
by: BoogieMusicUSA   
12/13/2012 6:56:50 PM
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Hi boogiemusic. I've nver done a side by side comparison with these two gloves, but from what I can tell the everlast is more protection focused while the ringside tech gloves are more well rounded. Ultra protection gloves would be better for extended workouts, especially if you are concerned about joint health. However, they will be a little bulkier and heavier.
by: TMArtist     
12/15/2012 9:18:43 AM
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what kind of glove shouldI i get

I am going to be starting to box soon. I did not know what kinda glove i should get. I plan on doing a lot of heavy bag training. For both fast and heavy punches. I did not know what would be the best glove for comforatablilty,fit, and protection when i land the heavy punches on the bag.  
by: joeyg   
10/29/2012 10:51:07 PM
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Hi Joey. Since you are just starting out you should make safety a top priority. You'll want a bag glove that offers good padding (14 ounce or higher) and solid wrist protection to avoid joint injury. This gloves on this page would work just fine, but if you browse other brands keep those factors in mind.
by: TMArtist     
10/31/2012 1:32:40 PM
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Right out of the zipper case they come in, you can tell they are well made. It takes some practice to strap these gloves down by yourself one glove at a time. The lining is pretty soft and comfortable. I would give these gloves a perfect score, but there are some off stitches here and there and one glove has a little more padding than the other, but it doesn't seem to affect performance.

but lets talk about the real great parts of the glove. Hands down, the best impact absorption I've ever used. I hit the bag with full power and little don't feel anything beyond knowing that I made contact. Squeezing the padding down, it's very hard to penetrate because it's so thick.I only use a pair mexican style handwraps, and that's all I need.

Craftsmanship: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10
Protection 10/10

Overall a great glove, great for your hands and wrists.  
by: tim   
10/12/2012 3:53:16 PM
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Protex2 Bag gloves

Protex2 Bag gloves
by: alex pala   
4/28/2012 6:37:44 PM
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Protex2 Bag gloves

Protex2 Bag gloves
by: alex pala   
4/28/2012 6:36:12 PM
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Ultra Protection Bag Gloves

review of the Everlast 16 oz ultra protection heavy bag gloves. Strongly recommending these for anyone who need extra protection for their hands. I rate these 9/10. Thanks boxingdepot!  
by: alex pala   
4/28/2012 6:24:46 PM
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I recently asked about you guys stocking these in a larger size and decided to wait patiently until you did. ordered them yesterday and im excited to use these gloves. my reyes gloves arent great for bag work and i dont have the strongest bones in my hands. i have a good feeling these gloves will help protect my hands. i'll be sure to write a review and post a pic as soon as i try them out. thanks a lot!   
by: alex pala   
4/20/2012 3:57:02 AM
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Sounds great Alex, looking forward to your review!
by: TMArtist     
4/23/2012 11:22:17 AM
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larger size?

will you have a larger size glove? i need this glove because my hands and arm hurt hitting the bag. i need the most protection possible and these seem just right. 16oz ultra protection bag glove anytime soon? youre the only site that has these.   
by: alex pala   
4/7/2012 4:23:19 AM
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Unfortunately I don't believe these gloves will be back in stock any time soon. We do have two high protection models here: bx-gl-2241 and here: bx-gl-2242 for your consideration.
by: TMArtist     
4/9/2012 11:19:57 AM
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How do I know what size to order there is no chart . I'm 6 ft tall 175 # would I be a large?  
by: muttz   
1/27/2012 3:13:41 PM
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Yes you'll want to go with the large. Be sure to grab a pair of handwraps too just in case there is a little extra space in the interior of the glove.
by: TMArtist     
1/30/2012 11:01:10 AM
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Beginner that needs a lot of help

I'm a guy thats 16 years old thats new about all of this. I'm getting a 70 pound punching bag so what kind of protection do i need on my hands and wrist? I'm going to be using the punching bag A LOT. So what kind of gloves do i need and do i need wrist wrap??  
by: Angry Teenager   
6/3/2011 7:16:01 PM
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Hey AT, thanks for using us as your boxing source. I think you're going to find that heavybag work is a great stress reducer and way to improve your fitness and hitting capabilities.

In regards to gloves - since you're new you'll want bag gloves with a decent amount of padding. If you are average size, go with the 'regular' size glove. If you are 6' or taller, go with the large.

Here is an excellent choice for you: bx-gl-747.

Hand wraps might a good idea because they can help keep your wrist properly aligned. There are plenty of decent videos online to help teach you how to do the wraps.
by: TMArtist     
6/6/2011 10:30:40 AM
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I'm not used to buy gloves on size.. used always something that come with reguler such as Hayabusa pro 10 oz..
for Everlast there are many sizes I'm just Wondering the large size is the normal reguler size like hayabusa pro bag gloves? or a bit larger?

by: Mark   
5/2/2011 5:17:45 PM
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Hey Mark. The large size is a bit bigger than the normal/regular you are referring to.
by: TMArtist     
5/4/2011 11:55:07 AM
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Hey Tm The Larer size i ot 6.7
by: Richard   
6/25/2011 9:24:45 PM
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So far, these are excellent gloves! I've only had them for about a month or so, and use them twice a week. The cushioning is superior to other gloves, as my hands just bounce off the bag. Typically, with the regular (flatter) foam in gloves, it feels hard and hurts my knuckles when I strike. The wrist support is also excellent, and the inside dries quickly. I hope this will make a difference in the gloves not getting smelly in a few short months, as with other gloves. Initially, I thought these gloves were a little too expensive, but the quality is better than cheaper gloves and my hands are too important to mess around! The last pair I had didn't give me enough cushioning and I got trigger finger!  
by: boxingmistress   
3/15/2011 4:11:48 PM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Bag Gloves Expert FAQs
  1. Why do I need bag gloves?

    It makes sense that a boxer needs boxing gloves, but what a lot of people don't realize is that for punching a heavy bag or speed bag you want to use bag gloves, not boxing gloves. Bag gloves are designed to optimize a person's punching form and protect both their hands and wrists during training. Bag gloves are used whenever your striking against an object, not a person and are designed to endure the rigors of extended workouts.

  3. Bag Gloves vs. Boxing Gloves

    Bag gloves are the way to go when hitting a bag. They gloves utilize a dense foam that can withstand the day-in-day-out pounding they will receive in the gym. Boxing gloves are the safe choice for training, sparring and competing. They are designed to use a softer less-dense foam combination, mold or gel that increases shock absorbency for both you and your partner. The closure of bag gloves are easy-on, easy-off. The closure of boxing gloves protects your partner from abrasions. Bag glove also can contain a grip bar in the palm, which provides you an enhanced (and safer) fist.

  5. When do I need to use bag gloves?

    Repeated stress on the body from extended bag workouts can result in sprains and injuries if boxers aren't careful. That's why many companies started designing gloves specifically for bag training.
    Bag gloves are designed to optimize a person's punching form and protect both their hands and wrists during training through thicker foam padding and enhanced molded design. Bag gloves are to be used whenever you're striking against bags, objects, or pads.

  7. What weight glove should I get for doing bag work?

    Although many bag gloves look like they weigh the same, there are subtle and importance differences in padding thickness. The level of padding or gel in your gloves will greatly affect the amount of protection you receive. Thicker gloves (which are generally higher in oz) are better for prolonged protection and are recommended for heavy bag use. Other thinner gloves are great for speed bags and fast bags as they are lighter and quicker.

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