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USA Amateur Boxing Headgear With Cheek Protection

USA Amateur Boxing Headgear With Cheek Protection

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Greatness is Within

    The USA Amateur Boxing Headgear With Cheek Protection has been designed under the USA Boxing Specifications for official competition use. Its patented 4 layer sandwich foam design protects the face and head by absorbing and dispersing damaging impacts. This head gear is lightweight and won't slow down your movement or reaction time. The 100% leather construction ensures durability, strength and comfort. Available in 4 different colors.

  • Made with 100% leather
  • 4 layers of impact absorbing sandwich foam
  • Protects head from injury
  • durable and lightweight
  • Designed under the USA Boxing specifications for official competition use
  • Available in 5 colors

  • sku: #bx-hd-26


    really good

    I use this one myself. I like it because it provides really good head coverage without blocking the vision or anything. It's also pretty comfortable. It;s nice to not 'feel' like you;re wearing a bulky boxing headgear.   
    by: RINGKING   
    12/24/2009 3:40:32 PM
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    open face ?

    Title reads with cheeks but picture shown has none. How do I order no cheeks? Can't seem to find that on the site. Thank you.  
    by: eggsbenack   
    3/26/2012 9:39:47 PM
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    Yes this one is WITH cheek guards, we'll have to fix up that first image. If you don't want cheekguards, you'll want to check out these two models: pr-hd-2013, pr-hd-2002.
    by: TMArtist     
    3/28/2012 12:19:39 PM
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    Out of Stock

    I've been looking to buy this for over a week. Do you know when it this item will be in stock?  
    by: rhp   
    8/4/2011 3:12:51 PM
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    Not certain RHP, but this is a quality item so we are going to be doing our best to restock it.
    by: TMArtist     
    8/8/2011 11:55:51 AM
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    Looks like mediums are back in action.
    by: TMArtist     
    8/18/2011 11:13:22 AM
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    If I order today, how long will take for shipping. In St. Cloud, Fl  
    by: Samely   
    6/12/2010 6:13:58 PM
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    Today's a Sunday. It will ship on Monday. You can order via next day air for delivery on Tuesday.
    by: Aaron   
    6/13/2010 11:02:56 AM
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    you can order it today but it want be here Till Tomrrrow so thaT WHY I ORDER TODAY.
    by: Richard   
    6/26/2011 9:43:14 AM
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    I ordered this for a grandson. He was very happy with it. The handling and shipping was very prompt.  
    by: Jean   
    1/31/2010 2:42:27 PM
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    I bought this for a grandson. He was very satisfied with it. Handling of order was speedy and well done.   
    by: Jean   
    1/31/2010 2:41:14 PM
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    by: Richard   
    6/26/2011 9:44:36 AM
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    Hey Jean Happy
    by: Richard   
    6/26/2011 12:38:48 PM
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    Hi I want to buy this headgear but I m not sure what size to get. Is there a size chart?
    by: David   
    1/29/2010 8:05:48 PM
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    Generally speaking, whatever your hat size is can also be used to determine your headgear size.
    Small 6-5/8" - 6-3/4" Up to 132 Lbs.
    Medium 6-7/8" - 7-1/8" 135 - 165 Lbs.
    Large 7-1/4" - 7-1/2" 165 - 190 Lbs.
    X-Large 7-1/2" - 8" 190 - Super Hvywt.
    by: TMArtist     
    2/9/2010 12:46:07 AM
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    Generally speaking, whatever your hat size is can also be used to determine your headgear size.
    Small 6-5/8"-6-3/4" Up to 132 Lbs...... Medium-6-7/8"-7-1/8"135 - 165 Lbs........Large-7-1/4"-7-1/2" 165 - 190 Lbs.......X-Large-7-1/2"8" 190 - Super Hvywt.
    by: TMArtist     
    2/9/2010 12:47:36 AM
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    A good deal

    While its not the best headgear that we carry this piece offers good quality at a reasonable price. I have used this a few time and i like the feel of it. It absorbs blows very well and it never feels too heavy or cumbersome. For the money, this head gear offers great protection and comfort.  
    by: androo      
    12/24/2009 3:54:17 PM
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    USA Amateur Boxing Headgear With Cheek Protection Sizing Chart
    Measure the circumference of your head at about an inch above the eyebrows to determine your proper headgear size. It's easy! Wrap a string around your head and measure the to measure your head size
    SizeCircumference (IN)Hat Size
    SmallUp to 21 1/2"Up to 6 7/8
    Medium21 1/2" - 22 1/4"6 7/8 - 7 1/8
    Large22 1/4" - 23"7 1/8 - 7 1/2
    X-Large23" and up7 1/2 and Up
    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Headgear Expert FAQs
    1. What kind of headgear is right for me?

      One of the great things about headgear is that there are so many brands and styles available. Head protection is taken very seriously in boxing and the development of headgear technology reflects that. To figure out what kind of headgear is right for you, first you need to decide how much padding you want. Headgear with a lot of padding will offer greater protection, but will also be less breathable. The lighter the headgear, the more natural it will feel.
      Most headgear is outfitted with molded foam or gel, both of which are designed to disperse impact and protect the head from abrasions.
      Next you need to decide what kind of protection you want for your face - whether it be completely open, small cheek guards, or a complete shield.
      Finally, you'll want to determine what sense of style you wish to portray - some brands feature very basic headgear that is modestly colored, while others are elaborate and eye-catching.

    3. Does headgear protect against concussion?

      Studies have not shown any significant increase in protection against concussion when wearing headgear. The reason why is because the force of the impact is still transferred to the head, and concussion is caused when the brain makes contact with the skull. Headgear has been proven to protect against abrasions and can glance some blows away from direct impact. Use a mouthguard to absorb vibration. A proper fitting mouthguard is your best protection from concussions and jaw injuries.

    5. Cheek guard vs open face

      Cheek guards are a mainstay feature of boxing headgear, and you'll need to decide just how much you want as there are many gradations. The benefits of cheek guards are in protecting the bones and the skin on the face. However, the more padding you have up front, the greater the possibility of impeded vision. Depending on your fighting style, you may need to keep a completely open visual landscape in order to achieve maximum performance, at which time you might select headgear with no cheek guards at all. Mexican style headgear is often cited as having the most facial protection of any kind outside of a full-on face shield.

    7. When must I wear headgear as a boxer?

      Headgear is mandatory during amateur boxing bouts, and it is often wise to purchase headgear that are specifically stated to be designed for amateur bouts. Professional matches are always conducted without headgear. Many training gyms do require headgear to protect their practitioners, but that is at the discretion of each gym individually.

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