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Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Greatness is Within
  • 80 lbs premium synthetic leather bag
  • 36" bag length
  • Designed for punches, elbows, clinch knees, and kicks
  • Great protection for ground and pound

Ideal for Muay Thai strikers and Kickboxers, this bag has knee strike handles to help simulate the Thai clinch while you're training. A panel of C3 foam is wrapped around the lower half of the heavy bag to add protection for knees. When working ground & pound, this C3 panel also gives you more protection for ground punches and elbows. Constructed from a durable synthetic leather for a long life, whether set up at the dojo or your home gym.

sku: #bx-hv-1308

Ceiling Mount


I would like to get this Everlast Omni Strike Heavy Bag. But May i know if the ceiling mount etc whatever that is needed is included or do i have to purchase separately?
How long would it take to arrive in Singapore roughly?

Thanks a lot!

by: H   
11/13/2013 9:01:31 PM
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Hi H. Unfortunately I think you may run into a weight restriction for shipping to Singapore. You'll know for sure if you add the item and get a notice when attempting to add the shipping option.

That being said, this bag comes with the bag itself and a chain. It does not have a ceiling mount included.
by: TMArtist     
11/15/2013 11:28:46 AM
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bag straps

the straps that hold up the bag broke can i replace the bag cover or do i have to buy a new bag  
by: garrick young   
9/16/2013 3:39:16 PM
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Unfortunately we do not have bag cover replacements. You may be able to do some home repairs with tough nylon strapping. Otherwise you could try reaching out to Everlast directly to see if they ship bag covers separately.
by: TMArtist     
9/18/2013 2:12:06 PM
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Hye dear, we would like to get a quote if you to send OMNI STRIKE HEAVY BAG (EVERLAST) to malaysia. What is the cost and lead time for delivery?

by: esmadi   
7/22/2013 11:17:14 PM
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Add the item to your cart and go to the 'checkout' section of the site. You will then be able to see shipping costs, possibilities, and time frames before checking out.
by: TMArtist     
7/24/2013 11:30:43 AM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.

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