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Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand

Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Stand

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Greatness is Within

    This heavy bag and speed bag stand is made of heavy duty powder coated steel, with a wide footprint for increased stability, and best of all, it will fit in virtually every corner, in your home, apartment due to the revolutionary 25 position speed bag platform.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy bag connected to base support to decrease sway
  • Stand is wider for better support and more workout room
  • Weights can be added to the (4) posts for increased stability
  • Accommodates up to 100 lb. heavybag.
  • Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, and Weights not included
  • Dimensions: 57" across x 52" wide x 7' high. Weight: Approx 75. lbs without the bags attached
  • Ideal for those who can't hang a heavy bag from the ceiling
  • Note: This item cannot be shipped internationally or via Air service.

    sku: #bx-hv-90


    Pretty sturdy

    I have this in my apartment and it's pretty good. Much better than the standing punching bag (which moved and tipped over even when filled with water). It has little posts to add weights and you need to use weights to keep it still, but once you put weights on, it stays in place. There's enough room for me to work my footwork and move around the bag.  
    by: goingpro   
    12/24/2009 10:45:32 AM
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    I use this same stand at a gym. After 3 months the support bar broke. It's a hollow metal bar. I suggest spending more money on something stronger.  
    by: anonymous
    12/9/2008 12:01:13 PM
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    Great bag stand!

    This is a great heavy bag stand! But I recommend using a few nuts and washers to hold the eye bolt to the frame for the bag. You should also add some weights to the base to keep it from moving all over the room. I would also recommend keeping the bag unhooked when not using it that way you keep the setup safe, and you can get a 100LB bag and do some lifting warm ups before you go to work beating on the bag!  
    by: anonymous
    5/17/2006 8:20:24 PM
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    I would second that advice about putting weight on the button. It just helps keep the whole unit sturdy and in place.
    by: TMArtist     
    1/25/2010 10:53:20 PM
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    good advice on taking the bag off between uses. i would have never thought of that. i just picked up this stand today and will take heed of that advice
    by: djbobbyritalin   
    5/22/2010 12:26:39 AM
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    This stand is a bit different than mine, but rather than weights I use sandbags. $3 for a 60lb bag .. good to use if you don't have weights lying around
    by: macs.shack916   
    7/8/2010 7:03:42 PM
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    Better than i expected

    This stand is great.
    It is sturdy, and supports the bags really well.
    I use it to work out, and to work on my boxing skills.
    I will though, recommend to hold the back down with weights. It tends to move backwards.  
    by: Joseph   
    7/30/2008 10:18:30 AM
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    My husband is about 6'6 is this stand tall enough?   
    by: CRed   
    11/14/2011 1:19:18 PM
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    Yes, this bag goes up to 7' so there should be no problem!
    by: TMArtist     
    11/16/2011 11:00:54 AM
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    My boyfriend has been talking about a boxing stand to be able to use it outside. His birthday is coming up and I wanted to get him one, would this be the right one to get? I know nothing about boxing and want to get it right so he'll actually use it and we won't have to return it! He's really into boxing and knows what he's doing so I want to make sure this is an okay choice!   
    by: TheFifth   
    1/6/2011 5:39:42 PM
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    Yeh you can use this outside, but u might risk getting it rusted cause of they rain
    by: Al Nimr   
    4/30/2011 11:19:13 PM
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    boxer height

    What is the tallest height one must be to use the stand? I want to buy it for a child 10 years old.   
    by: Conrad May   
    12/6/2010 9:01:50 AM
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    The heavy bag side would be easy to adjust because you can lengthen the chain, I'm not sure about the speed bag though. My gut tells me it would be a bit high for a 10 year old.
    by: TMArtist     
    12/8/2010 11:25:46 AM
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    The basic frame is sturdy and fine for hanging a heavy bag but the speed bag platform is a little flimsy. I recommend you buy just the heavy bag frame without the speedbag setup. Also I was very disappointed they sent me one returned from another cistomer without telling me. It went together and was fine in the end, but I did not like getting something that was not brand new.   
    by: Ray   
    7/15/2010 7:40:41 PM
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    We set this up and agree the speed bag part is flimsy. It seems like maybe a thinker board or two arm support would be better. Did you find a way to fix it?
    by: joe   
    3/12/2011 11:50:47 AM
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    heavy bag

    how can you raise your heavy bag up on the stand. The one i have sit too low  
    by: cravic   
    3/10/2010 2:25:54 PM
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    Your best bet is to reduce the length of your chain. The easiest way to do that is purchase a heavy bag S-hook bx-ac-568 and place it on a lower link, letting the extra dangle. Your other option is to go with a hacksaw and remove some of the links entirely.
    by: TMArtist     
    3/10/2010 2:50:10 PM
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    weight issue

    Can this possibly support a 6ft 125lb bag??  
    by: MarshaLott   
    1/22/2010 2:20:20 PM
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    No the hanger on the stand wont support this much of weight, u need to find a stand that can support at least 125-150lbs or get a wall hanger.
    by: Al Nimr   
    4/30/2011 11:21:52 PM
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    dimensions of stand 4811 with speed bag

    Does anyone know the length width and height of this stand? If so, I would appreciate you letting me know.
    by: CM   
    1/4/2010 2:37:14 PM
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    this is what i have on it: 83.5 x 46.75 x 67.25
    by: androo     
    1/5/2010 10:47:19 AM
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    Great quality

    I was afraid it was be flimsy. It definitely isn't. I bought it with the Complete Punching Bag Set and the combo works well.

    I need to get weights for the corners to keep it better grounded.

    I recommend it.  
    by: AnthonyS
    3/16/2007 2:06:07 PM
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    there were only half of the directions in the box (one sided pring). install as you see fit.  
    by: anonymous
    6/12/2008 11:44:07 AM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Heavy Bag Stand Expert FAQs
    1. Is a stand better or worse than a ceiling mount?

      Heavy bag stands are not inherently better or worse than a ceiling mount, they simply offer practitioners a wider array of options. Ceiling mounts are clearly the more inexpensive choice. However, in order to make a ceiling mount work, you need to have a durable beam to attach it to, and ideally one that won't vibrate and shake the whole house. Often people are confined to garages or other non-invasive areas so as not to disturb others in the house. Heavy bag stands on the other hand can be placed anywhere and, when weighted properly, make minimal disturbance.

    3. Can bag stands withstand serious training?

      The stands and home gyms featured on all come from very reputable brands that have pressure tested their products. They have been put through very serious training to make sure the design and material used in construction can tolerate maximum abuse. You can feel at ease when working with these units.

    5. What are the benefits of a heavy bag stand?

      Heavy bag stands are constructed out of tube steel and have been built to tolerate the high impact of heavy bag training. The good thing about stands such as this is their maneuverability. You can place them wherever you want to do your workouts, be it in a garage, a gym, or a spare room.
      The bottom platforms can often be weighted so as to minimize any shifting or popping that might occur as the bag swings. One exciting feature of heavy bag stands is that they often come with multiple stations, allowing you to attach speed bags, double end bags, etc to the same stand and create a dynamic workout.

    7. Do the stands available at come with heavy bags?

      Stands do not come with bags included unless explicitly stated otherwise. This helps the distributors minimize the cost of shipping and provides customers with only the things they need (as most customers already have a bag or want to buy one of their choosing).

    More Heavy Bag Stand Questions

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