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Harbinger Weighted Jump Rope

Harbinger Weighted Jump Rope

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Fit. Driven. Committed.

    Made of high quality materials this Jump rope is top of the line in all aspects. The PVC fiber rope is surable, and the injection molded handles are weighted with a patented weight suspension that not only provides added challenge to the workout but also gives the handles a natural feel.

  • Durable PVC rope
  • Composite plastic handles with rubber grip
  • Weight suspension system in the handles for a consistent comfortable feel

  • sku: #bx-ro-60

    Difference between this and beaded?

    Whats the difference between this and the beaded jumprope? Does one swing faster or more evenly? Which is better for a real workout? Thanks.  
    by: Deedee   
    1/4/2010 5:52:08 PM
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    This jump rope will swing faster than a beaded one. I prefer this style, while some prefer beaded, maybe due to the weight? My personal preference and recommendation is to go with this one for a real workout.
    by: Albert     
    1/6/2010 12:38:34 PM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Jump Ropes Expert FAQs
    1. Which jump rope is right for me?

      A jump rope is a simple device but there are plenty of variations for you to choose from. First you have to decide how much abuse you'll be putting it through. If you have kids who will likely play with it outdoors, you might want to choose a classic playground style rope that has thick plastic beads all the way up and down it. These protect the rope itself from friction against tough concrete and gravel. If you are using it in a boxing gym environment where you needn't worry so much about rough terrain and even want to be careful to preserve the floor, you might choose a pliable leather rope.
      Also be sure to consider how fast you need the rope to go. If you want to train quick foot movement you'll need a speed oriented rope, but if you are looking to enhance your muscular endurance you might choose something with more weight.

    3. What length jump rope is right for me?

      In general, if you are 5'6" and under - use a 8' rope. If you are 5'7" - 6'2" - use a 9.5' rope. If you are 6'3" and up - use a 10' rope. Many ropes can be adjusted to be shorter than their maximum length.

    5. What are ball bearing handles?

      Most jump ropes tie the handle portion to the rope portion and simply let the momentum of the swing take the rope around as it rubs against the inside of the handle. However, some of the more advanced ropes feature a ball bearing system which enhances the smoothness of the swing as you perform your jump rope routines. These are an excellent choice for jumpers who do very quick routines and need definite consistency in their equipment.

    7. Leather rope vs Plastic rope

      Leather jump ropes tend to have extremely long life spans, but to get the most out of them you should put a small amount of maintenance into making sure the leather is conditioned and stored properly (not overly dry and not overly humid locations). To condition the rope, you can use something as simple as saddle soap to keep it pliable.
      Plastic ropes are constantly improving as new plastics come out and new designs are put into production. You can find a wider variety of rope styles in plastic, although they tend to have a less traditional "feel" that some boxers grow accustomed to.

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