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Boxing Speed Bag Adjustable Platform

Boxing Speed Bag Adjustable Platform

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Professional Gear, for the Professional Athlete
  • Develop speed, strength, endurance, timing, and skill
  • Solid metal and wood construction
  • Platform measures 1" x 30"
  • Adjustable 24.5"
  • EZ Lock Pro Swivel Included
  • Speed Bag Not included
  • A great addition to any workout routine
The Ringside Professional Speed Bag Platform is ideal for increasing hand speed, timing and endurance. Its constructed of wood with a steel frame that measures 1 x 30, has a 24.5-inch adjustable range and includes an E-Z Lock Pro Swivel. The Speed Bag is sold separately.

sku: #bx-sb-326


can u ship this to new zealand  
by: zahid   
11/7/2010 10:51:35 PM
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Yes we can! If your curious about what the shipping rates will be, go through the checkout process and before you get to the order page you'll be able to see how much the international shipping will cost you.
by: TMArtist     
11/8/2010 12:01:04 PM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
Speed Bag Platforms and Sets Expert FAQs
  1. How do I choose the right platform for me?

    When first buying a platform there are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself. First, do you have space for it? You will need to have the platform itself above head height so that the speed bag hangs down around mouth level.
    Second, how hard will you be using it? If you are a casual boxer you can get a cheaper practice model, but if you plan on training daily you may want to spring for a more expensive and heavily constructed unit. The two major sizes available for platform drums (the circular disc) are 24" and 30". Both sizes can accommodate all speed bags, but the 30" is more heavily constructed and reduces vibration.
    Third, would you like a platform with other options? There are some freestanding models that contain not only speed bag platforms but heavy bag and double end bag stands as well.

  3. Do I need an adjustable platform?

    If you'll be using your platform alone, then you can probably get away with a stationary platform. After all, you can adjust it perfectly to your height and secure it to your wall. But if there are multiple people using the platform it is recommended you get one with adjustability. Correct height is an important factor that can produce better technique and reduce unneeded stress on the arms and neck.
    If you are buying a platform for a public gym or facility, it is highly recommended you choose an adjustable platform.

  5. Where can I attach my platform?

    Platforms can be attached to a wide variety of walls as long as they are sturdy enough to bear the load and take repeated vibration. There are some boxers who use wood studs found behind most drywall. Others use cement or cinder block found most often in garages. Whatever you choose, be certain to measure first for height and levelness and be aware that the repeated hitting will cause vibration and noise, especially if the wall material you use (like wood) carries impact.

  7. How can I reduce the noise of my platform and bag?

    Speed bags are great for home training but many people are concerned about the noise and disturbance they cause. When trying to reduce noise, there are a few strategies you can use.
    First, purchase a platform with thick wood or metal construction. Thinner wood causes more vibration and more of a racket. 30" platform drums, which are sturdier and less prone to vibration, are recommended over the smaller 24". Second, place sand bags on top of the platform as that will add density and absorption during your training. Finally, attach the platform to a sturdy wall that will transfer minimal amounts of noise (garages on an nonsharing wall are a good choice). If that isn't an option, place an absorbent material such as rubber between the platform and the wall and screw through it.

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