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Steve the Pirate | Upstate NY

Trying to get back into peak shape after a long time away from serious, regular workouts. I like the results I am getting from a regular boxing workout. I am getting the kind of body I want to have - one that is lean and strong w/quick reflexes.
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NJBoxer | Home
Lightweight // Amateur
A new boxer who has great speed and am hoping to become succesful.
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Rami | Kalix, Sweden
Light Heavyweight // Amateur
I have been boxing for about a year, love the sport, aiming for the top!
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sharpc549 | Dallas, TX

I am a 63 year old boxing coach who has an 18 year old daughter who wants to learn the sport of boxing. I boxed for over 14 years starting in Pennsylvania at the age of 12. I boxed amateur and in the US Army. My coaching career started in 1969 while in the US Army in Germany and ended in 1997 in South Carolina. I have been certified by the US Amateur Boxing Association and am now seeking to be re-certified here in Texas.
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Heavyweight // Amateur // Pro

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bigg nasty | Boston, MA (da bean)

Not a boxer but loves the sport and would like to get in to it some day. Have lost 245 lbs, in one year (602 lbs to 367 lbs currently). Would like info on thigh slimmer belts and the best sauna suits available for 4x. because of the weight loss, skin is hanging and any info on exercises and such to help with this would be helpful. Thanks depot fam!!
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John | Bloomsburg, pa

I have a fitness and martial arts training facility in the Philippines and also in Bloomsburg, pa. During the spring and summer months I work out of the Pa. facility. November to April I run a beach boot camp program at a resort in the Philippines.
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I work out in my basement I do pushups sit-ups and bagwork. Boxing is my favorite sport. In my opinion Muhammad Ali will be the best always! Soon I hope to become a wonderful boxer.
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