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apexlending | Trinity Boxing Hollywood California

I am getting older and looking for my last chance to compete in a ring. I have always been a fighter and a competitor.
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grandupper | BC

Just looking to get fit through boxing and learn a little about the sweet science.
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I train at home. I have been a boxing fan my whole life and I boxed briefly while in high school.
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JRuiz | Mathis Texas
I am an up and coming boxer i only have One fight and going to have another one coming up on January 29, 2011 i hope to get at least ten fights by the end of the year. The sport Boxing is what inspires me to keep participating in this sport I love it for what it is and what it represents. To me boxing is more than just winning or losing its having that passion about the sport and loving it for what it is
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samspamonie | Laramie, WY

I box primarily for recreation, and have competed in a few tournaments and have done decently well. Nothing better than a big bloody smile after a good fight.
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dferhadi | Frederick Fight Club

I'm from Iraq and I like punching people in das faces
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cnoll | Oakland, CA
Amateur female boxer off the mean streets of Oakland
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mannamedred | Okinawa, Japan

I have done a little boxing on and off for the last several years. Started when I was a kid for the joy of punching people, in a controlled enviroment. I have finally decided to get back into it as much as I can, with work and everything. So here I am getting started all over again. This time though I can get proper equipment and what not.
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berger | newton hamilton pa
Welterweight // Competitor // Amateur // Light Heavyweight
when i was 10 i started to box for the ymca were i won the golden glove then for 2 years i went to jobcorp and boxed for year and half finished my trade then went to the army for 6 years boxing when i got out fan the streets and there went my now i try to help young kids that is interested
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Amateur // Fan // Fitness
I am new on here, and fairly new to boxing. i love the sport, havent done it since i was a child. but looking for boxers who can help me become better. add me as a friend on facebook. nate haynes and nate young
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insideout | Chicago,IL

Boxing is just one of my hobby!
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amtrickett97 | Hubbard Ohio
Fan // Lightweight // Amateur // MMA // Fitness // Welterweight
i love to fight and cant wait to get in the ring and bust some heads
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Aleksandr | Moscow, Russia

I'm a beginner in kickboxing.My training began at april 2012, so i'm not a true fighter for now:)But i'm trying to do my best.
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Skiser | Richmond, VA
Amateur // Heavyweight
Started an Aquatics Kickboxing
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I'm here to kick grass, and forget names, and I've done forgot what I was saying.
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