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Twins Super Sport Bag

Twins Super Sport Bag

This item is not currently available for purchase.
    Carries all your MMA and Muay Thai equipment, apparel and more!

    Spectacular 420 Denier Nylon construction loaded with 10 separate zippered pockets to store and tote everything you demand. Full C-shape zippered top opening, 2 end pockets, 5 side pockets on one side and 2 additional full-length zippered pockets on the other. Convenient nylon carry handles with hook-and-loop carry handle and removable nylon padded shoulder strap for carrying.

    Size: 29" x 14" x 14"

    sku: #ot-ba-2006

    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Gear Bags Expert FAQs
    1. How big a bag do I need?

      Boxing bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from compact to XXL. If you've got the basic assortment of boxing equipment (headgear, gloves, body shield, trunks, shirts, towels, etc) then you should probably choose a duffel style bag. Duffels are great because they are easy to carry and provide excellent storage space. The main compartment of a duffel is big enough to handle the bulkier pieces of equipment, while providing smaller side pockets for little items like mouthguards.
      If you keep some of your equipment at a gym and only take clothing and other smaller items to and from your workouts, you can consider getting a backpack or sling bag. These are light and manageable and provide easy access to your equipment.
      If you end to travel for fights and need to make sure you've got everything you need (almost like packing for a trip), then be sure to check out some of the oversized duffels that provide big compartments and pockets.

    3. Should I go with mesh or nylon?

      Mesh and nylon are the two main choices you'll encounter when shopping for bags. Mesh bags are often very simplistic, most of the time a single large compartment in a duffel form. Mesh bags are excellent for drying and airing out your equipment. When using mesh you needn't worry as much about bad bag odor and bacteria spreading on your equipment from too much moisture. Mesh also allows you to see your equipment, which allows you to quickly grab anything you are looking for without routing through other equipment.
      Nylon duffels and backpacks are a staple of bag design. The nylon is extremely tough and can take years of abuse. Furthermore, it is easy to travel with a nylon bag as it is private and helps keep your equipment safe. Nylon bags often contain a large compartment, but also multiple side and auxiliary pockets for various pieces of equipment. In this way i is easy to stay well organized.

    5. What is a wet/dry pocket and do I need one?

      A wet/dry pocket, or sometimes simply called wet pocket, is a feature of some gear bags and offers boxers a unique advantage of combining the style and durability of a nylon bag with the breathability of mesh. The wet pocket is often designed near the outside of the bag, facing fresh air, and utilizing a mesh lining to allow air and out. When you are done with a workout, you can place your wet equipment in that pocket to prevent odor and bacteria from spreading due to moisture.
      Wet pockets aren't necessary, but many athletes find them beneficial.

    7. What should I be sure to carry in my bag?

      If you're looking to complete your boxing kit, you'll first need the proper sparring gear. That can include headgear, boxing gloves (and perhaps bag gloves), mouth guard, and cup. Also be sure to have multiple handwraps floating around in one of your pockets. Some of the smaller items that you might need include a water bottle, gauze, scissors, tape, ice pack, and q-tips. It is also recommended that you have you some spare clothing, including shirts and trunks.

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