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Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Body Protector

Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Body Protector

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    Incredible design offers superior coverage and impact resistance for both the trainer and athlete! Unique anatomically curved design with molded "rib" insets provides excellent freedom of movement for full contact training and sparring. Exclusive Fighting Sports Tri-Tech® design and incorporation is infused with more than 2.5" of three precision placed inner foams - K-329 Sponge Comfort Foam, BL05S High Density Impact Absorbing Foam and S-2 Latex Low Density Protection Foam - which creates the most comfortable, impact resistant durable design in the world. The design has a special oval "air chamber" in the inside front to create a lighter weight, fully resistant protector. Complete with two adjustable hook-and-loop rear straps and two shoulder straps for a custom fit for any user. Moisture wicking inside liner helps athlete and trainer stay cool during workouts.

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    How big is the large ?

    How big is large ? Does it fix someone 250 Bls   
    by: John Hanrahan   
    4/30/2012 3:08:48 PM
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    This guar utilizes adjustable rear and shoulder straps, so it would likely accommodate your needs. If you get it and it just isn't comfortable let us know! We can arrange an exchange or refund.
    by: TMArtist     
    5/2/2012 11:13:08 AM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Boxing Trainer's Supplies Expert FAQs
    1. When should I use a body protector?

      Body protectors are a staple piece of equipment for boxer training. There are two main areas that boxers are allowed to strike, and those are to the head and to the body. Good body training is essential to becoming a well rounded fighter.
      Body protectors can be used when you are engaging in sparring matches with other opponents. They are also frequently used with trainers when the coach is calling out techniques. Although they are always a bit more cumbersome than wearing nothing at all, the protection they provide allows you to train longer and harder than when you go without.

    3. Vest Protector vs Belly Pad

      The two main types to consider are the vest protector and the belly pad. The belly pad is popular amogst boxers because it places emphasis on protecting the main regions that boxers target: the gut, sides, and lower ribs. By having a protector that specializes in these areas boxers know exactly where to aim for (some even feature targets in the proper locations) and where it is ok to hit. The belly pad design also gives the trainer a bit more freedom as they move around and aren't restricted in the chest.
      Vest protectors offer more protection in general than belly pads. They feature wrap-around guarding of the lower body and padding all the way up to the collar line. These vests are great for live sparring as you never know where punches are going to slip and land. They are also preferred by kickboxers, MMA practitioners, and traditional martial artists as there are more legal targets in those activities. Vest protectors are a bit more inhibiting, but offer more comprehensive protection.

    5. How much do these protect my body?

      Whenever someone chooses to do a high impact sport like boxing they assume a bit of inherent risk. However, wearing equipment like this can greatly reduce your risk of bodily injury. The combination of padding, impact dispersal, and strategically placed air bubbles go a long way in keeping your internal components from jostling around too badly.

    7. Full Foam vs Air Pocket padding

      Some protectors offer full foam padding while others utilize air pockets. Both offer excellent protection have some slight differences. The air pocket protectors are known to be pleasingly light. Without as much dense foam there is less to weigh down the user and is thus less inhibitive. The air pockets still provide good impact dispersal, so fighters who enjoy high mobility like this kind.
      Full foam protectors are the best at providing sheer impact reduction and also have a tendency to last the longest. The foam used in these vests is dense and can take years of abuse without losing its ability to guard you against blows. While slightly more inhibitive than the air pocket style, the value and protection is very high.

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