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Male Groin Guard

Male Groin Guard

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Adidas Boxing Performance

    This uniquely designed groin protector from addidas is made from multiple layers of foam surrounding a plastic cup and en cased in vinyl to add durability. A system of support straps and an elastic waistband assure a comfortable and secure fit. This groin protector can be worn either underneath a uniform or outside of it, making it as versatile as it is protective.

  • Hard plastic shell covered with foam then enclosed in a vinyl shell, making these guards very durable
  • Can be worn outside or underneath the uniform
  • Elastic waistband and support straps ensure a secure fit
  • WTF Approved
  • Once opened this item cannot be returned

  • sku: #pr-gr-04


    Poor quality.

    I bought one of these adidas groin guards for use during my BJJ classes. It is a relatively comfortable guard, although I found that it chafed my inner thighs a bit. However, after just one use I discovered that the stitching holding the elastic belt to the guard was starting to come away. After a second use, it has almost completely broken. I don't know if I bought a dud, or if this is indicative of the general build quality of these guards. Needless to say, I am not happy to have wasted my money.  
    by: Michael
    3/14/2007 6:42:14 AM
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    Great Product

    This a great product because you can wear it under or over your clothes. We have boxing class in school so we a required to wear a cup. I really like this because I wear it and I know that I am not going to be scared in the ring. Also I have been hit there many time and I am not in pain because it is great product. I know when my friend are boxing if they get hit you see that there in a lot of pain.  
    by: anonymous
    2/7/2007 11:02:07 PM
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    Male Groin Guard Sizing Chart
    Size Elastic Waist
    Small 26" - 32"
    Medium 32" - 38"
    Large 38" - 44"
    X-Large 44" - 50"
    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Protective Cups Expert FAQs
    1. What type of cup do I need?

      During traditional boxing you shouldn't get hit in the groin often. You do want to be protected in case you are. There are jock and cup protectors, which are used in almost every sport and boxing-specific no-foul protectors. Multi-sport groin protectors are worn beneath your pants or trunks and consist of a cup and jock strap or shorts to keep them in place. No-foul protectors are worn above your pants or trunks and a protect a larger area, sometimes including the whole hips. Your gym may require a no-foul protector for sparring.

    3. Jock style vs compression shorts

      To hold your cup in place, you can get a traditional jock strap which consists of an elastic waist band and cloth pouch or a compression short that uses elasticity to keep the shorts and cup in place. Compression shorts are typically made of the tight wicking material that Under Armour made famous. You can wear compressions shorts as underwear before or after a session, sliding the cup in when you need the protection.
      While jock straps are light and uninhibiting, compression shorts can help keep your legs and hips warm.

    5. Hard cup vs no-foul protector

      One of the main differences in cup types is the padded no-foul protector vs the hard cup. The hard cup is generally what you think of when you are considering groin protection. They are made out of hard plastic, generally have perforated holes for increased ventilation, and often have a rubber coating along the edges. These cups conform to the groin-specific area, and are often encased by jock straps or compression shorts. The other variety is the padded no-foul protector, which covers a much bigger area. No-foul pads often wrap around the kidneys and lower abdominal, and sometimes have guard flaps down over the hips and upper thighs. These are not often worn under clothing.

    7. Are there female specific protectors?

      Yes, there are a wide variety of protectors designed for women. For something simple and effective, women can choose a more slender version of the jock strap that is designed to curve with the female form. They can also utilize unisex no-foul hip protectors that guard the whole lower abdominal area.

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