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How do I keep my gloves clean and smelling fresh?

Keeping your gloves clean and fresh is a great way to extend their life. Many boxers complain about a serious funk that develops from the sweat and grime of training, which can be both off-putting and unhealthy.
The first step to avoiding glove funk is to always dry out your gloves as best as possible after practice. Do not simply take them off and put them in your gym bag. Instead you can use newspaper or paper towels inserted into the glove to absorb most of the moisture (remember: moisture is the breeding ground for bacteria). In addition, be sure to set them out in a well ventilated area that will help promote the drying process.
Many boxers have come to rely on a product known as Glove Dogs, which contain cedar chips. These are inserts that actively absorb moisture and promote a fresh scent. Other options include Febreze and other antibacterial sprays, but always use them sparingly and test on a small area inside your glove to make sure there are no adverse effects.
One final piece of advice is to always wear handwraps, which act as a first line of absorption for your hands. Be sure to have multiple wraps around so that you can rotate them, and clean/dry the other pairs when not in use.

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