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A female 180 lbs,5'2" with a 36 B-cup,what suit size do I need to get? The size chart did not help me much.  
by: Marangely   
4/2/2012 6:30:44 PM
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I think med/large would be good for you.
by: TMArtist     
4/4/2012 11:31:01 AM
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can you use the Sauna Suit in a sauna  
by: AL G   
3/27/2012 12:20:00 AM
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That wouldn't be recommended AL. You might risk serious overheating.
by: TMArtist     
3/28/2012 12:15:41 PM
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can i wash my kutting weight sauna shirt.

In the washing machine if so on what setting??  
by: mike   
3/15/2012 9:24:07 AM
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Kutting Weight recommends that instead of machine wash you utilize a hand rinse with mild soap and water, leaving it to hang dry afterward.
by: TMArtist     
3/16/2012 11:42:39 AM
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what sizw

how do i know what size sauna suit i need please
by: darrin cleaver   
2/17/2012 12:43:46 AM
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Hye Darrin. Suana suits match up pretty closely to typical clothes sizes. So if you wear a size medium shirt, a size medium sauna suit would work.
by: TMArtist     
2/20/2012 11:42:31 AM
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by: JAMES   
8/11/2011 6:01:52 PM
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The skin tight suits like "Kutting Weight" do not require clothes to be worn underneath. Some of the more loose fitting suits provide room for clothes. Wearing a few articles of light clothes can help prevent chaffing in those instances.
by: TMArtist     
8/19/2011 12:30:38 PM
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i have just received my sauna suit and its too small , is it possible to return it for a bigger size?  
by: albert dizon   
2/18/2011 8:18:11 PM
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Yes, we can do that Albert. Reach out to customer service here - and have your order number handy.
by: TMArtist     
2/21/2011 2:06:34 PM
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where can i find a suit 2x or 3x  
by: bo   
12/23/2010 1:15:44 PM
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Hi bo - I think you'll find some of those sizes with this sauna suit here: ae-ss-17.
by: TMArtist     
12/23/2010 2:29:47 PM
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burning fat with vinyl suits

I was always led to believe that by sweating, I was burning fat. If that be the case, how can using a vinyl suit not help in the burning of fat. Where does the sweat come from?  
by: Jack   
4/7/2010 6:53:54 PM
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Hey Jack. During normal exercise you are working the bodies muscles and burning fat as fuel for the bodies activities. Sweat occurs at the same time, but not actually from the fat - more from the large amounts of water in the body. Sweating is a way for the body to keep itself cool during activity. The Sauna suits retains body heat, which makes the body sweat more in order to try and keep cool. Therefore, more water and thus more water weight is lost.

Hope that helps!
by: TMArtist     
4/7/2010 10:20:28 PM
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