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Power Tower Punching Bag

Power Tower Punching Bag

This item is not currently available for purchase.
Greatness is Within

    The Power Tower is a fun and inexpensive way to sharpen reflexes, burn calories, enhance timing and agility, or just relieve stress. The Power Tower is an inflatable punching bag with a leak resistant water-filled base. It fills quickly and easily with the included foot pump. The Power Tower will bounce back quickly after being struck, making it the perfect tool for sharpening reflexes and timing.

  • The Power Tower is a great tool for improving coordination, reflexes and timing
  • Great for punches and kicks
  • Stores easily
  • Pump included
  • About 5' 2" tall and can accommodate both children and adults

  • sku: #tr-bg-40



    This is a GREAT bag. The pump it comes with is cheap, BUT if you have a bicycle pump, you can use the attachment it comes with and that works fine. So far no leaks and it gives you a FANTASTIC workout. I do it for 10 minutes while listening to my ipod, and I'm already tired!!! Love it!!   
    by: stargirl101   
    4/21/2011 3:28:58 PM
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    Major Horse-play

    My young horse is consistently finding the WRONG things to play with, so I've been on a hunt to find her safe, but AFFORDABLE toys. This bag took a beating, and ended up with one small tear, which I've repaired. She's still playing with this bag. Definitely worth the money, in my case! there is a much longer YouTube version of her playtime, this is the much shortened version.  
    by: CGR1956   
    2/7/2011 7:27:18 PM
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    That's a 'for real' durability test!
    by: TMArtist     
    2/9/2011 11:25:26 AM
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    General Question

    I'm 20 years old. 150 pounds. Never really done any type of boxing before but i wanna start workin out doing some punching workouts and what not. I can't figure out what type of bag I should get. Would this be a good one? Cause some of the heavier ones seem way too expensive.  
    by: Jason   
    6/17/2012 1:28:37 AM
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    Hi Jason. This would actually not be a good choice for you. It wouldn't provide any real resistance and would break under your adult strength. I recommend this bag instead: tr-bg-724.
    by: TMArtist     
    6/18/2012 10:46:12 AM
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    Inflatable hard

    Good thing we tried inflating before we gave it. Had to take to gas station or I would have worn out my foot trying to inflate with the pump that came with it. Too clumsy to nagivate filling with water, pumping it up. Spend the money and get a free standing bag you can fill with sand or hang. It's ok for 5 to 6 year olds but don't recommend for older kid.  
    by: suenichols   
    1/2/2012 1:23:35 PM
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    I got this for my 6 yrold grandson...who thinks he wants to be a boxer, at the moment. He is a wildman and the horse video prompted me to buy this for him. He loves it and it is GREAT exercise, within 10 minutes he is sweating and breathing hard.
    I know there have been alot of complaints about the grandson did most of the pumping and it blew up easily. If this sucker holds up it will be one of the best buys of the year for me.
    Also we got it within 2 days!  
    by: mskitty1005   
    12/6/2011 8:12:02 AM
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    is this one good to relieve anger?

    im 13 and i have a huge anger problem is this good for anger relieve?  
    by: wolfrockerjr   
    8/19/2011 4:20:28 PM
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    I don't think this bag will be durable enough for you. Also, I don't think it will provide enough resistance for you to strike it full force and successfully relieve your anger. Instead, I recommend this item: tr-bg-724. It's a few dollars more but will be much better suited to your needs.
    by: TMArtist     
    8/23/2011 11:42:03 AM
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    Hi im in training and i was wonering if this really works or if it is for little kids. does it really provide a good workout? and can u pack a punch with out it flying everywhere because its made with air not sand?  
    by: boxing   
    8/5/2011 10:27:13 AM
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    Hey boxing. This particular item is definitely for light hitting or children. For adults, a regular standing bag is a better option.
    by: TMArtist     
    8/8/2011 11:47:38 AM
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    Do i need gloves to punch this bag ?

    Hey , I'm 13 & was wondering if you needed boxing gloves for this ? Please answer , Thanks <3  
    by: CandyGirl   
    8/3/2011 6:13:33 PM
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    Hey Candygirl. Gloves are not entirely necessary as the air filled bag is very easy on the hands. That being said, if you intend to do long workouts with it, it might be a good idea to pick up a pair of inexpensive gloves too.
    by: TMArtist     
    8/4/2011 11:50:37 AM
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    Can you kick this?

    I am 14 and I want to get this to punch and kick, can you kick this? And is it a good workout? Hopefully you have an answer, thanks! :)  
    by: stargirl101   
    4/14/2011 1:36:57 PM
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    Hey stargirl. Yes you can kick this bag no problem. While these can't last as long a regular heavy bags (which last for years), these are still durable and can handle getting hit.

    It can be a good workout, but that part is up to you!
    by: TMArtist     
    4/15/2011 3:56:18 PM
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    For kids or adults?

    I want to know if this bag offers good resistance and can take hard punches. M 5 feet and am a beginner. i just want to punch it so that it is a fun way 2 lose weight n get fit. Is it a toy for kids or can adults also use it?  
    by: B.Monk   
    3/1/2011 6:44:29 AM
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    Hey B.Monk. This bag can certainly be hit by adults, but it doesn't offer much resistance. Since it is air filled, it bobbles around when you strike it, making it a fun exercise but not effective for building striking power.
    by: TMArtist     
    3/1/2011 10:16:14 AM
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    Guys this is very good. But pumping air is very great exercise bcaz it takes lot of time to do it, which sucks. i took the empty baq with water inside to some gas station & had them pump in air , after tht this bag is very awesome. but this is a good & effective one.  
    by: Kris   
    2/4/2011 8:45:34 AM
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    Can't Beat It!

    I bought this to add variety to my routine. I also bought bag gloves and a round timer. Once you fill the bottom with water and inflate the two air chambers - you're ready to go! The air pump that comes with this is a bit flimsy but get the job done. This is an excellent product and you can't beat the price. I also use it during commercials to burn some extra calories.  
    by: cazembe   
    2/3/2011 7:57:46 AM
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    Good for kids

    I bought this item for my 8 yr old daughter so that she could practice her karate punches and kicks. This is an inexpensive solution for the next few years until she is hitting very hard and will need resistance. Right now it is more of a target training device with the ability to bounce back at her to remind her that every action has a reaction. No leaks yet and it will not ruin my walls because it is a soft air bag.  
    by: Task Man   
    1/9/2011 4:07:42 PM
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    Very Disappointed

    I have not even had this bag for 24 hours. and have already had two major problems with it. and the second is non repairable. the first problem, as i was punching it, the cap popped off and water spilled all over my basement floor. so i deflated the bag and refilled it with water, I have just come upstairs from another punching session. and during a straight punch, my fist went right through the bag. it is downstairs entirely deflated. i do not recommend this to people looking to relieve stress. it just doesn't hold up.   
    by: Jakex750   
    1/7/2011 6:11:59 PM
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    your problems are probably born from the fact that this is a basics bag: meant for target accuracy and reflexes. Using too much force behind a hit will kill it. This is for beginners building their basics, not Superman.
    by: vert67   
    3/21/2011 1:15:21 PM
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    Weight resistance

    How much weight resistance does this bag offer. I am looking to something between 50-70 lbs.
    by: Sheda   
    6/27/2010 12:48:36 AM
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    Hi Sheda. This bag won't give you the resistance you are looking for. I recommend going in this direction: tr-bg-02
    by: TMArtist     
    6/28/2010 4:22:36 PM
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    Do you use regular bag gloves with this bag?  
    by: Lea   
    4/28/2010 7:33:56 PM
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    You can use bag gloves if you want Lea but this bag is pretty easy on t knuckles. You don't have to use anything if you don't want to.
    by: TMArtist     
    4/30/2010 2:35:52 PM
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    going strong

    our whole family loves this punching bag. more fun that regular bag that doesn't have any give. this one goes down and comes right back up for more. our boys (ages 12 and 15) use it everyday...and they are very rough with it! no leaks and easy to move from room to room.  
    by: meetdenise   
    4/15/2010 10:45:01 AM
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    Great product for improving reflexes and coordination and the price was fantastic, the shipping was fast and very reasonable.   
    by: John G   
    4/8/2010 8:06:55 AM
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    Good punch for the money!

    Very pleased with the quality of the product and service received from Boxing Depot. The shipping cost was just right too. The product is a large plastic punching bag by Everlast. It is a nice size approx. 5 ft. and the bottom holds water not sand. So far, so good. My son is eleven and uses it everyday. I have now started to use it too. Gets us all moving during the awful winter months.
    by: PunchingPatty   
    1/14/2010 3:07:03 PM
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    Sammur Power Tower

    My son has had it for a day and he loves it.It holds up very well and it works  
    by: Nadim
    5/13/2008 7:36:18 PM
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    Sammur Power Tower punching bag

    My son has had it for a day and he loves it.It holds up very well and it works  
    by: Nadim sammur
    5/13/2008 7:33:02 PM
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    This is great training item for kids and beginner adults. We've had ours for over a year and it's held up well. Was concerned about water leakage, but no problems at all. Easy to move around.  
    by: anonymous
    7/26/2007 9:47:36 AM
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
    Punching Bags Expert FAQs
    1. What weight heavy bag should I get?

      70lb-90lb bags are the most commonly purchased bags and are appropriate for adults in the 140-170lb weight range. These bags often provide the right blend of resistance and give.
      For individuals who are 170+lbs or who have developed significantly increased punching power, you may want to shop for 100+lb bags.
      Lighter bags in the 25lb-60lb range are great for children or smaller adults who are just starting out in their training regiment.
      When deciding what weight to get, keep in mind that getting a bag that is a bit lighter will increase the sway and motion during your training. This can be beneficial if you are looking to improve your footwork and reactions. Heavier bags have a tendency to stay in place and are better for developing penetration power.

    3. How do I hang up my heavy bag?

      You will have two main options for hanging up your heavy bag - installing it into your ceiling or purchasing a mobile stand.
      Many people who have garages or finished basements choose to install the bag directly into a support beam in their ceiling. To do this they either purchase a simple holder or attachment which can be securely fastened to the beam. This method is inexpensive, but it can also be troublesome due to the noise heavy bag training makes. If the beam the bag is attached to connects with the rest of the house, it might cause vibration and noise when struck.

      The second option is purchasing a free stand. These steel constructed units can either be purposed solely for heavy bags, or involve multiple stations for different kinds of bags. It is recommended that users weight the bottom of the device to minimize shifting as the bag is struck and swung.

    5. What kind of hand protection should I use?

      It's important to use proper hand protection during training routines, especially if you are just starting out on the heavy bag. A combination of handwrap + bag glove is your best bet.
      Handwrap is an an inexpensive cloth roll that is used to protect the knuckles and skin from abrasion while securing the wrist for repeated impact. Bag gloves are designed with extra padding and firm support in order to disperse the impact of strikes and reduce the strain on your joints. Different bag gloves have different thicknesses, and the sturdier the heavy bag the more padding you might want in your gloves.

    7. What kind of bag exterior is best?

      The main exterior types are vinyl, nylon, canvas, and leather. Other options include synthetic leather, polycanvas, and Everlast's Nevatear.
      Professional gyms and locations that use heavy bags frequently choose leather bags for their superior durability and feel. Leather bags are more expensive and require that you rub moisturizer into them occasionally to prevent cracking. Vinyl, nylon, and canvas bags are less expensive and don't require maintenance, making them popular choices for at-home use. Canvas bags are durable but very abrasive against bare knuckles.

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