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XL Curved Striking Target

XL Curved Striking Target
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Excellent Value for the Well Rounded Fighter
  • Durable vinyl cover
  • 5 inches thick, 15" wide, 25.5" tall
  • Filled with impact absorbing foam
  • Available in blue, black or red
  • Concave design evenly distributes impacts
  • Two adjustable nylon straps and a rubber covered nylon handle provide a secure grip

Like our Curved Body Shield the Pro Quality X-Large Curved Body Shield offers outstanding quality and top of the line construction. The Pro Quality X-Large Curved Body Shield features a thick vinyl covering that not only adds durability and strength to the shield but also enhances the impact absorption properties of the shield making it more comfortable to use. The shield is 15" wide, 25.5" tall and an impressive 5" thick. The shield also features a concave design that absorbs and evenly distributes impacts making it safer and easier to use. The Pro Quality X-Large Curved Body Shield is filled with a special blend of high density impact absorbing foam that reduce the shock generated by jarring powerful impacts. The back of the shield has two adjustable nylon straps located towards the center with a durable nylon and rubber handle just above them. This handle system allows you to maintain a secure grip even during powerful strikes. This is a great shield that is superior in both quality and price compared to others in the market.

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Color: Blue
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Color: Red
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Striking Bags Expert FAQs
  1. Why should I add striking bags to my training routine?

    Striking bags are an excellent way to increase your boxing skills. While heavy bags and sparring are both critical components of practice, striking bags provide unrivaled dynamics and ability to train speed and agility, even when there are no coaches or partners around.
    The great thing about striking bags is the wide variety they come in. If you want to train your bobbing and weaving skills you can buy a reaction ball or double ended bag. If you wish to integrate partner training you can get thai blocking pads or body shields. The variety is vast, and keeping your body guessing is one of the most effective ways to make noticeable improvements.

  3. How do I use a double ended bag?

    Double ended bags are often cited as one of the most fun ways to train. When used properly the double ended bag is a bobbing, gyrating, and swinging device that will keep you mobile.
    To use a double ended bag properly, first make sure you have it secured properly. To do this, purchase a bag stand that contains hooks both on the top and bottom. You can also get a padded anchor weight that can be placed under any normal heavy bag stand and thus transform it into a double bag stand. You can also drill hooks directly into your floor.
    Be certain that your rubber connector bands are in good condition and are not fraying or brittle. As you begin your striking regiment, go slowly until you are familiar with the way the bag reacts. From there, have fun and don't get tagged!

  5. How do I use a reaction ball?

    Reaction balls are slightly less well known than the other bags (like speed bags), but just as useful. The great thing about reaction balls is the speed they possess. When struck properly they almost go faster than the eye can see, causing you to naturally focus to your highest capacity.
    Reaction balls, much like double ended bags, are attached both at the top and bottom of a mount or hanger. It is important that your latches are in good condition and that the rubber bands are not frayed or brittle. Safety is paramount with bags that go this fast.
    Start out training the reaction ball slowly so you can see how it swings and rebounds. Build up your speed and do your best not to swing wildly. The less misses the better.

  7. How do I use Thai blocking pads?

    Thai boxing pads are a staple for anyone looking to get into kickboxing and MMA. Kickboxers need extra thick pads to handle the penetrating knees, elbows, and kicks of their sport. Little is worn in the way of personal protection, so these pads help keep the practitioner and the trainer safe.
    For traditional boxers, thai pads can be an interesting substitute for punching mitts. The extended surface allows you to get creative with striking combinations and will certainly protect your trainer fduring workouts.

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