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EverGel Glove Wraps

EverGel Glove Wraps
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Greatness is Within

    The EverGel Glove Wraps are a time-efficient alternative to old-fashioned hand wraps.

  • EverGel protector supplies state of the art protection and cushioning
  • Made with comfortable moisture-absorbing neoprene
  • Wrist wrap locks wrist firmly into place
  • Gloves are skin tight

  • sku: #bx-ac-17


    Recommend !

    Wraps offer good support for training. I would recommend 2 pairs if you're serious about training (train daily), so you can wash 1 pair & let it air dry while using 2nd pair. A little tough to get off at end of workout, but not bad. Beats wrapping & taping every day. Much quicker & easier putting on.
    I would give gloves 5 stars if you're only going to use them once or twice a week. Perfect for quick work outs. I only have mine a few weeks & love them, but have yet to see how durable they are. Everlast usually makes pretty decent stuff though. Hope this helps you! Have fun & train hard!  
    by: anonymous
    4/2/2008 7:15:15 PM
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    not what you think

    A lot of people who have these dont like them, but they also dont know what they are really used for.

    These gloves are meant to be used a quick and easy alternative for HAND WRAPS, as in that tape/ace bandage looking thing that you see boxer's on TV wrapping their hands and wrists with before putting them inside of their boxing gloves. They are not replacements for boxing gloves or bag gloves.

    They are supposed to be overly tight and overly snug but that is to prevent injury to the small bones in your hand and also from spraining your wrist.

    Over time the gloves break in like a baseball glove and become more comfortable and less overly tight.

    Remember, these are hand wraps, not boxing gloves, and not bag gloves.   
    by: RINGKING   
    12/28/2009 2:08:28 PM
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    This is a good point - these are a quick alternative and offer a little more protection than standard wraps.
    by: TMArtist     
    1/20/2010 12:11:55 AM
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    Unlike traditional wraps which are a hassle to put on these u slip strap and go. The gel protects your hands very well and there washable, although they tend not to stink up as bad as normal wraps.  
    by: Michael
    12/19/2007 11:28:03 AM
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    Nice Gloves

    I got tired of the wraps, the loosen and stink after a while.
    These gloves are very very good. They are tight and comfortable. They only negative part about them is that they are hard to take off after use. You have to take your time because you can damage the rubber on the palm side if you tug and pull. Other than that you have excellent wrist support and hand padding. Buy These Gloves!  
    by: Ken
    5/3/2007 8:52:47 PM
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    Just awful.


    Mediums (for me) were too wide. Smalls were too tight. Too stretchy. When you hit the bag with these your hands won't get cut up, but don't be fooled. In a matter of a few minutes they will loosen up around the wrist because of the stretchy material that you wrap around your wrist. They loosened up for me from just shadowboxing for 20 minutes. You won't be able to throw heavy hits with these either because there will be less protection and more of a sharp impact feeling. If you throw hard hitters you might even break your knuckles which can delay training for you even further. And don't even think about using these for the speed bag, they will become loose. The gel is a joke. It feels the exact same as a bike seat and I'm not trying to be funny. And the fact that you can move your wrist in every direction quite easily is just terrible. Imagine your wrist's range of motion with hand wraps on. Now imagine your wrist's range of motion with no wraps on. That is now your range of motion. Oh yeah, the screen print will peel off after one or two times using.

    I do not recommend this product to anybody, under any circumstances. I wish they would stop manufacturing this product. For the same price, I strongly recommend you invest in a few pairs of hand wraps.   
    by: dl   
    4/22/2014 12:03:05 PM
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    Hi dl. Did you use these underneath bag gloves? That is their primary function, although I'm sorry to hear they didn't quite make the grade on their own.
    by: TMArtist     
    4/23/2014 12:27:51 PM
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    Great Buy

    Great support, great fit, and great protection. They hold together after being used for hard punch after hard punch. I used them for training during cardio and have not found one problem with them.  
    by: Maddog Pearce   
    12/9/2011 10:16:21 AM
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    Not the same

    The feeling of support when your hand is properly wrapped - like it is a solid block of supported bones and muscle - well, I didn't find it in using these. These provide really good cushioning at the knuckle and nice wrist support, but lack the lateral compression I was looking for along the lateral/outside of my hand.

    Once I stuffed them into my glove, everything seemed tighter and more together, but my hands still felt unsupported.

    I ordered from the sizing chart and felt I was ordering a bit small. I don't think a smaller size would actually fit.

    For me, taking a few extra minutes of wrapping and rolling and washing hand wraps is better. I'll still keep these in my bag for just-in case situations.  
    by: MattM   
    9/4/2011 5:03:37 PM
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    Bag gloves size

    I have (Mediam) Size of these which fit my hands perfectly.. and I'm using Hayabusa Pro Bag Gloves 10 oz ... and those come with standard size ... but whenever I use these wraps .. i feel my hand sleeping... and I'm still using the traditional wraps... what the best ( Bag Gloves ) I can use with a Mediam pair of these handwraps..?
    "regardless the prices or the brand "   
    by: Xoulfire   
    5/3/2011 7:01:35 PM
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    Hey xoulfire. I think I know a pair of gloves that might work for you. Check these out: bx-gl-228. They are throwdown bag gloves, 12 ounce, size large. They should be comparable in weight to the ones you are used to, but with a more spacious interior. The quality of the gloves is still quite good.
    by: TMArtist     
    5/4/2011 11:41:28 AM
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    Great wraps

    Like some others have said, if you don't have the time for conventional handwraps, or if you're not great at wrapping your own hands, these are a great substitute. Good wrist support and padding, and mine have held up well with light to moderate use. I've used them while working on the speedbag and under my regular gloves for heavy bag work (remember people, these are handwraps, not bag gloves) and while I do still prefer to wear traditional handwraps under my gloves for heavy bag work, these always work in a pinch and are definitely timesavers when that's an issue.   
    by: Brian Furby   
    12/9/2010 10:04:06 AM
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    I'm a fan

    They're so much easier to put on than handwraps.  
    by: Rocky   
    9/1/2010 12:39:49 PM
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    Im Not Sure

    If I remember correct these are the same gloves i saw the other day. The gloves i saw actually still had the wrap part but you would just cover you forehand with the glove part. Is this true?   
    by: Triga   
    6/20/2010 9:19:13 PM
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    Would youth be considered a size small?  
    by: Bebop   
    2/3/2010 12:56:36 AM
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    Yes, they would
    by: Albert     
    2/9/2010 4:03:11 PM
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    Once I started using these things i swore of regular handwraps forever. Who in their right mind wants to waste time wrapping up their wrists over and over again. Just slide these on and you are ready to go.   
    by: Sentry   
    1/5/2010 3:07:33 PM
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    they were really good at first but i used them a lot and on the first day they bagan to tear and the fabric became to come apart. the finger protecters are not long enough and u can scuff your 2nd knuckles really easily. these gloves offer very good wrist protection though. i do not think these gloves are worth it to buy them.
    by: anonymous
    4/25/2009 9:02:00 PM
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    Using them wrong

    I love how these feel under my bag gloves, but they have continually cut my circulation off in my fingers. I had to buy the medium even if the fit chart said small as the small pinched a nerve in my hand. After 1 hour of punching the bag, my fingers turned blue and became numb. Don't know if I fitted them wrong or if I wear them wrong.  
    by: anonymous
    1/29/2008 11:17:00 AM
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    Get Ever Wrapped for the 21st Century

    So... You don't want to know the old-timer way? Don't have time for the lacing and wrapping? Tired of old glory stories from cut men as you get ready to warm-up? Do you just want to strap 'em on and start hittin' it hard and fast? Man-o-man, you've come to the right place. The EverGel Wrist Wrap Gloves protects your precious wrists and the muscles on your forearm from a bad hit. I wouldn't recommend anything that didn't work. I was using the wrong gloves for bag work and screwed my wrist for about a week and a half. Enter these wraps under my Leather training gloves and boom, I can hit it as hard as I want, no problem. My gramps, a ex-middleweight fighter would have loved these things, I guess I'll love 'em for the both of us.
    Everlast, baby. Who else does boxing better? The scientists behind the sweet science.  
    by: JJX
    7/18/2006 10:27:00 PM
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    my hands measure to 8 1/2" so i guess i would go for the xl in black then huh?
    by: William   
    7/19/2010 6:56:04 PM
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    No matter how I adjust these things (and I tried two different sizes) the joints of my fingers are exposed (at the bottom of my fists) and get chaffed by the heavy bag so badly so quickly as to render these things worthless. I don't know how anyone can use them, unless they wear larger bag gloves over them  
    by: anonymous
    8/13/2008 7:32:47 PM
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    Have you tried putting bag gloves on over the hand wraps?
    by: Triga   
    6/20/2010 9:13:09 PM
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    Doesn't it say they are hand warps? I thought that meant you use these under heavy bag gloves anyways right? Sorry if i come across as a smart a$$, just being observant.
    by: William   
    7/19/2010 6:57:11 PM
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    EverGel Glove Wraps Sizing Chart
    To determine correct size, measure the distance across the lowest knuckles (the knuckles you punch with) of the 4 upper fingers (all the fingers except the thumb). Measure by laying knuckles flat on a ruler. how to measure your hand
    Size Measurement
    Small 3" - 3 1/4"
    Medium 3 1/4" - 3 1/2"
    Large 3 1/2" - 3 3/4"
    X-Large 3 7/8" +
    Size: Medium, Color: Yellow
    Ships Immediately - 29 On Hand 
    Size: X-Large, Color: Yellow
    Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
    Size: Medium, Color: Black
    Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
    Handwraps Expert FAQs
    1. Why do I need handwraps?

      Handwraps are an essential piece of protective equipment for boxers. During training, fighters sustain a large amount of impact on their hands and wrists. For the hands, this can often result in scraps, bruises, or cuts to the skin. The wrist can also get bent or sprained should a punch land awkwardly. Handwraps (when used correctly) are designed to reduce the friction of contact on the hand, both on the punching knuckles and on the skin from wearing gloves. A good wrap can also secure the wrist and prevent excessive torque. In addition, wraps can help protect against 'boxer's break', which is a fracturing of the bones in the palm of the hand.

    3. What are gel glove wraps?

      In the last few years gel gloves wraps have become very popular. Instead of wrapping your hands in the traditional way, you can slip on a pair of glove wraps. Glove wraps save a lot of time and are great for beginners that are not confident in applying handwraps. The downsides to using glove wraps is the price, that they need to be replaced fairly frequently, and the wrist protection is lacking (which is important when striking a heavy bag hard).
      Do not use gel wraps alone when striking a bag. They will wear out very quickly that way. Invest in a pair of bag gloves to wear over them, it will save you money in the long term.

    5. What length handwrap is right for me?

      If you are an adult male, you will probably want a wrap that is 170" or 180" in length. Some MMA practitioners prefer a shorter 120" wrap, but most boxers prefer the longer. For women, teens, and other individuals with small hands, 120" wraps will fit you better.

    7. Traditional wraps vs glove-style wraps

      A recent development in handwrap technology is a slip on style glove that simulates the effects of a full handwrap. The benefit of these glove wraps is the speed at which you can wear them. You can slip them on and be training in a few seconds.
      Traditional handwraps, on the other hand, still offer unparalleled security and protection when applied properly. They can be wrapped tightly and to your specific hand dimensions. The wrap supports the wrist and has been proven to reduce the chance of sprain.

    More Handwraps Questions

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