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TMArtist | PA, USA  
Martial Artist
Experience in traditional martial arts, ring sports, and athletic endeavors.
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Welterweight // MMA // Grappler

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Richard | Quenss Box Dw
Coach // Lightweight // Grappler // Trainer // Pro // Heavyweight // Welterweight // Middleweight // Fitness // Martial Artist // Competitor // Muay Thai Practitioner
its Short and Nice and cleam
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QueensBoxing | Queens, NY  
// Martial Artist // Fitness // Amateur
I work for Boxing Depot in the IT department. I knew nothing about Boxing before working here... I've come a long way.
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Al Nimr | New Jersey
Lightweight // Competitor // Fitness

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RINGKING | red bank NJ

Just starting out. hoping to learn more and maybe help out some up and comers.
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djbobbyritalin | I live in Snohomish Washington
Light Heavyweight // Amateur
I learned how to fight when I was younger but never went anywhere with it in a boxing sense. I played ice hockey for 13 years and spent a lot of time fighting people on the ice using zero discipline and misplaced agression. Now I want to continue learning to box, and hopefully be able to be confident enough to have a bout or two this year.
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Chapie | Rossville Ga

Getting into the sport for both fitness, and to strengthen my stand up.
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Sentry | los angeles CA

Live and work in the LA area. Amateur boxer, in it mostly for fun and competition
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vinnynor | nashau montana

im am 17 years old and i am currently training fo MMA my first match is in march and i hope that after awhile ill be a good competitor
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deathlylost | Hawaii
Fan // Amateur // Fitness

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goingpro | Chitown, IL
Middleweight // Amateur // Competitor
I'm constantly improving. Keep your eye out for me.
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Alex | East Coast - Staten Island
training for the golden gloves.
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TimeSplitterChimp | Glasgow/Scotland

Hey guys i am a huge Boxing fan and I have started going to a gym called the Griphouse for the last 2 months to do Boxing. The gym does Muay Thai and MMA but my passion is Boxing and i do 2 classes a week as a hobby. I never miss a fight on tv, not just big PPV fights, i watch just about everyone. I have signed up to this website and hope to get a good pair of quality gloves soon when i have the money in the next few weeks. The prices on here seem very good compared to other sites but i am having a problem judging which gloves to pick up due to my small hand size and there are no measurements of hand length or width, just a weight as in 12oz
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Justin Left Hook Lao | My house
I'm the best of the best
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latindavid | In My Back Yard.

David from Orosi, CA. Just working like a well oiled machine thanks to Boxing Depot. Garunteed returning customer!!
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Charles Morris | Houston, Texas
Heavyweight // Amateur // Martial Artist
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Practioner.
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tito | Las Vegas, Nevada

Im just 13 years old and im trying to find the best equipment and gear for boxing.
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Karl Fitri | Kadir Boxing School Singapore
Welterweight // Amateur // Muay Thai Practitioner // MMA
I am a 27 years old amateur boxer from Singapore. I love close combat sports and at the same time would like to keep fit.
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zahid | new zealand

i enjoy boxing just to keep fit like watching fights.
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zaybo4 | atlanta, Ga
i wanna be great i wanna be faster then i am now i wanna me the best
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gbmonte | Torrance, CA

Enjoy working out and training.
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MattM | In my basement

Hitting the heavy bag, double end bag, slip rope; working on speed, power, agility; keeping in shape.
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Middleweight // Amateur

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isuforester | Des Moines, IA

I'm 26 and like to use boxing as a way to stay fit.
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Spart | In my back yard

I got into boxing when i was watching a show about Ali on the Historey channel a few years ago and i got really inspired by it.
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Lightweight // Fitness // Fan

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Kyle808 | @ Home for now

Looking for equipment to practice on/with before i join a REAL boxing gym. The Greats I admire that come to mind are Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Ray Leonard...
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Heavyweight // Amateur

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coach Danny | Kenosha, Wisconsin

My name is Daniel Nieves,I am the sole owner of STRAIGHT UP BOXING. I have over twenty years of boxing,and coaching experience.I am ex pro figher and Chicago Golden Gloves championship of 1986.
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