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Can a sauna suit actually help me lose weight?

Sauna suits can help individuals lose weight, but it is important what kind of weight you are losing. The goal of the sauna suit is to trap the body's heat and induce an increased amount of sweating. As such, you will lose water weight at a more rapid rate. This is very useful for boxers who are trying to make weight before a match and need to drop a few lbs quickly regardless of where it comes from.

For people who are looking to shed actual fat the sauna suit will not help in that endeavor.

You are awesome!

Frankly, i can't describe my pleasure when i received my order -today-, specially when i found that the suit is just sounds me and exactly the most precised size that fits to me. I've received it in excellent case as promised. Really you were a brilliant team work and you proved that you are reputable entity ( competitive and distinctive ). You are awesome.

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I started using the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit 7/31/2010 and I am very happy I made the purchase. I was at 220lbs when I started and I am still at 220lbs, I like the I feel while working out. It keeps my body warm and loose thru my entire workout. It hasn't helped me loose weight, but I have not gained any weight either.

Very Happy

Awesome, Awesome, Awwsome!!! I love the suit and it was well worth the money spent. It is very comfortable and really enhances my workouts. I love the way that it hugs the body, but it is not cumbersome or bulky; you hardly realize that you are wearing it. I love it so much that I am buying another one for my brother.

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